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The TLG® Digital Library (Disk E)

The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae® or "Treasury of the Greek Language" was conceived and initially funded by Marianne McDonald. In 1972 Marianne McDonald, then a graduate student in Classics at the University of California, Irvine and now a Professor of Theatre and Classics at UC San Diego, proposed the creation of a computerized databank of Greek Literature. The concept was extraordinary since no one, until then, had considered the marriage of Classical scholarship with the rapidly emerging new technologies.


Over thirty four years later, the Thesaurus of the Greek Language is a reality. The TLG® Digital Library now contains virtually all Greek texts surviving from the period between Homer (8th century B.C.) and A.D. 600 and the majority of surviving works up the fall of Byzantium in A.D. 1453. The TLG corpus is available in more than 2,000 universities and research centers around the world and used by thousands of specialists and non-experts. TLG® users include researchers, educators and students from a wide range of disciplines such as classics, archaeology, history, art, history, philosophy, linguistics, and theology/religious studies.

CD-ROM E Authors

Abydenus Hist.
Acacius Theol.
Acesander Hist.
Achaeus Trag.
Achilles Tatius Astron.
Achilles Tatius Scr. Erot.
Gaius Acilius Hist. et Phil.
Georgius Acropolites Hist.
Acta Alexandrinorum
Acta Barnabae
Acta Et Martyrium Apollonii
Acta Eupli
Acta Joannis
Acta Justini Et Septem Sodalium
Acta Pauli
Acta Petri
Acta Phileae
Acta Philippi
Acta Scillitanorum Martyrum
Acta Thomae
Acta Xanthippae Et Polyxenae
Acusilaus Hist.
Adamantius Judaeus Med.
Adamantius Theol.
Adespota Papyracea (SH)
Adrianus Rhet. et Soph.
Claudius Aelianus Soph.
Aelianus Tact.
Aelius Dius Hist.
Aeneas Phil. et Rhet.
Aeneas Tact.
Aeschines Orat.
Aeschines Socraticus Phil.
Aeschrion Lyr.
Aeschylus Trag.
Aeschylus Trag.
Aesopus Scr. Fab. et Aesopica
Aethlius Hist.
Ae+tius Doxogr.
Ae+tius Med.
Agaclytus Hist.
Agamestor Eleg.
Agatharchides Geogr.
[Agatharchides] Hist.
Agathemerus Geogr.
Agathias Scholasticus Epigr. et Hist.
Agathocles Hist.
[Agathodaemon] Alchem.
Pseudo-Agathon Epigr.
[Agathon] Hist.
Agathon Trag.
Agathyllus Eleg.
Agesilaus Hist.
Aglai+s Poet. Med.
Agl(a)osthenes Hist.
Agroetas Hist.
Albinus Phil.
Alcaeus Comic.
Alcaeus Lyr.
Alcibiades <Eleg.>
Alcidamas Rhet.
Alcimenes Comic.
Alcimus Hist.
Alciphron Rhet. et Soph.
Alcmaeon Phil.
Alcman Lyr.
Alexander Comic.
Alexander Lyr. et Trag.
Alexander Med.
Alexander Phil.
Cornelius Alexander Polyhist.
Alexander Rhet.
Alexander Rhet. et Soph.
Alexander Scr. Eccl.
Alexander Theol.
Alexandri Magni Epistulae
[Alexarchus] Hist.
Alexinus Phil.
Alexis Comic.
Alexis Hist.
Amasis Epistulae
Amelesagoras Hist.
Amelii Epistula
Amipsias Comic.
Ammonius Epigr.
<Ammonius> Gramm.
Ammonius Phil.
Ammonius Scr. Eccl.
Amometus Hist.
Amphiarai Exilium (?)
Amphicrates Rhet.
Amphilochius Scr. Eccl.
Amphis Comic.
Amyntas Epigr.
Anacharsidis Epistulae
Anacreon Junior Eleg.
Anacreon Lyr.
Joannes Anagnostes Hist. et Poeta
Ananius Iamb.
Anatolius Math. et Phil.
Anaxagoras Phil.
Anaxandridas Hist.
Anaxandrides Comic.
Anaxarchus Phil.
Anaxicrates Hist.
Anaxilas Comic.
Anaximander Phil.
Anaximenes Hist. et Rhet.
Anaximenes Phil.
Anaximenis Milesii Epistulae
Anaxion Trag.
Anaxippus Comic.
Andocides Orat.
Andreas Hist.
Andriscus Hist.
Androetas Hist.
Andromachus Poet. Med.
Andron Geogr.
Andron Hist.
Andron Hist.
Andron Hist.
Andronicus Rhodius Phil.
Androtion Hist.
Anna Comnena Hist.
Anonyma De Musica Scripta Bellermanniana
Anonymi Aulodia
Anonymi Commentarius In Platonis Theaetetum
Anonymi Curetum Hymnus
Anonymi De Astrologia Dialogus Astrol.
Anonymi De Barbarismo Et Soloecismo Gramm.
Anonymi De Terrae Motibus
Anonymi Exegesis In Hesiodi Theogoniam
Anonymi Geographia In Sphaera Intelligenda
Anonymi Geographiae Expositio Compendiaria
Anonymi Grammatici Gramm.
Anonymi Historici (FGrH)
Anonymi Hymnus In Dactylos Idaeos
Anonymi In Aphthonium Rhet.
Anonymi In Aristotelis Artem Rhetoricam Rhet.
Anonymi In Aristotelis Categorias Phil.
Anonymi In Aristotelis Ethica Nicomachea Phil.
Anonymi In Aristotelis Librum Alterum Analyticorum Posteriorum Commentarium
Anonymi In Aristotelis Librum De Interpretatione Phil.
Anonymi In Aristotelis Librum Primum Analyticorum Posteriorum Commentarium
Anonymi In Aristotelis Sophisticos Elenchos Phil.
Anonymi In Hermogenem Rhet.
Anonymi In Oppiani Opera
Anonymi Lexeis Rhetoricae
Anonymi Medici Med.
Anonymi Paradoxographi
Anonymus Discipulus Isidori Milesii Mech.
Anonymus Ad Avircium Marcellum Contra Cataphrygas
Anonymus Alexandri Phil.
Anonymus De Metrorum Ratione
Anonymus De Philosophia Platonica Phil.
Anonymus De Plantis Aegyptiis
Anonymus De Scientia Politica Hist.
Anonymus De Viribus Herbarum
Anonymus Dialogus Cum Judaeis
Anonymus Diodori Phil.
Anonymus Epicureus Phil.
Anonymus Iamblichi Phil.
Anonymus Lexicographus Lexicogr.
Anonymus Londinensis Med.
Anonymus Manichaeus Biogr.
Anonymus Photii Phil.
Anonymus Presbyter Scr. Eccl.
Anonymus Seguerianus Rhet.
Antagoras Epic.
Antenor Hist.
Anthemius Math. et Mech.
Anthologia Graeca
Anthologiae Graecae Appendix
Antidotus Comic.
Antigenes Hist.
Antigoni Epistula
Antigonus Paradox.
Antileon Hist.
Antimachus Eleg. et Epic.
Antimachus Epic.
Antiochi Regis Epistulae
Antiochus Hist.
Antiochus Phil.
Antipater Phil.
Antiphanes Comic.
Antiphon Orat.
Antiphon Soph.
Antiphon Trag.
Antisthenes Phil.
Antisthenes Phil. et Rhet.
Antonini Pii Imperatoris Epistula
Antoninus Liberalis Myth.
Antonius Hagiographus Scr. Eccl.
Antonius Diogenes Scr. Erot.
Antyllus Med.
Aphareus Rhet.
Aphthonius Rhet.
Apion Gramm.
Apocalypsis Adam
Apocalypsis Baruch
Apocalypsis Eliae
Apocalypsis Esdrae
Apocalypsis Joannis
Apocalypsis Sedrach
Apocalypsis Sophoniae
Apocalypsis Syriaca Baruchi
Apocryphon Ezechiel
Apollas Hist.
Apollinaris Theol.
Claudius Apollinarius Apol.
Apollodorus Comic.
Apollodorus Comic.
Apollodorus Gramm.
Apollodorus Hist.
Apollodorus Lyr.
Apollodorus Mech.
Pseudo-Apollodorus Myth.
Apollodorus Phil.
Apollodorus Phil.
Apollodorus Trag.
Apollodorus Carystius vel Apollodorus Gelous Comic.
Apollonides Trag.
Apollonius Biogr.
Apollonius Comic.
Apollonius Geom.
Apollonius Hist.
Apollonius Med.
Apollonius Paradox.
Apollonius Phil.
Apollonius Scr. Eccl.
Apollonius Soph.
Apollonius Dyscolus Gramm.
Apollonius Rhodius Epic.
Apollophanes Comic.
Apollophanes Phil.
Apomasar Astrol.
Michael Apostolius Paroemiogr.
Appendix Proverbiorum
Appianus Hist.
Valerius Apsines Rhet.
Araros Comic.
Aratus Astron. et Epic.
Aratus Hist.
Arcadius Gramm.
Arcesilai Epistula
Arcesilaus Comic.
Arcesilaus Phil.
Archebulus Poeta
Archedemus Phil.
Archedicus Comic.
Archelaus Alchem. et Poeta
Archelaus Paradox.
Archelaus Phil.
Archemachus Hist.
Archestratus Parodius
Archestratus Trag.
Aulus Licinius Archias Epigr.
Archigenes Med.
Archilochus Eleg. et Iamb.
Archimedes Geom.
Archimelus Epigr.
Archinus Hist.
Archippus Comic.
Archytas Epic.
Archytas Phil.
Pseudo-Archytas Phil.
<Aresas> Phil.
[Aretades] Hist.
Aretaeus Med.
Arethas Philol. et Scr. Eccl.
Joannes Argyropulus Gramm.
Ar(i)aethus Hist.
<Arimnestus> Phil.
Ariphron Lyr.
Aristaenetus Epist.
<Aristaeus> Phil.
Aristagoras Comic.
Aristagoras Hist.
Aristarchus Astron.
Aristarchus Trag.
Aristeae Epistula
[Aristeas] Epic.
Aristias Trag.
Aristides Apol.
[Aristides] Hist.
Aelius Aristides Rhet.
Aristides Quintilianus Mus.
Aristippus Hist.
[Aristobulus] Hist.
Aristobulus Judaeus Phil.
Aristocles Paradox.
Aristocles Phil.
Aristocrates Hist.
Aristocreon Hist.
Aristocritus Hist.
Aristodemus Hist.
Aristodemus Hist. et Myth.
<Aristombrotus> Phil.
Aristomenes Comic.
Ariston Apol.
Ariston Phil.
Ariston Phil.
Ariston Phil.
Aristonicus Gramm.
Aristonicus Hist.
Aristonous Lyr.
Aristonymus Comic.
Aristophanes Comic.
Aristophanes Gramm.
Aristophanes Hist.
Aristophon Comic.
Aristoteles Phil. et Corpus Aristotelicum
Aristoxenus Mus.
Aristoxenus <Comic.>
Arius Didymus Doxogr.
Armenidas Hist.
Arrianus Epic.
Flavius Arrianus Hist. et Phil.
Arsenius Paroemiogr.
Artaxerxis Epistulae
Artemidorus Eleg.
Artemidorus Onir.
Artemon Gramm.
Artemon Hist.
Artemon Hist.
Asclepiades Epigr.
Asclepiades Gramm. et Hist.
Asclepiades Gramm. et Hist.
Asclepiades Myth.
Asclepiodotus Tact.
Asclepius Phil.
Gaius Asinius Quadratus Hist.
Asius Eleg. et Epic.
Asopodorus Iamb.
Aspasius Phil.
Assumptio Mosis
Asterius Sophista Scr. Eccl.
Asterius Scr. Eccl.
<Astrampsychus Magus> Onir.
Astydamas Trag.
<Athamas> Phil.
Athanasius Soph.
Athanasius Theol.
Athanis Hist.
Athenaeus Epigr.
Athenaeus Mech.
Athenaeus Soph.
Athenagoras Apol.
Athenio Comic.
Athenodorus Phil.
[Ath]enodorus Trag.
Atridarum Reditus
Attalus Astron. et Math.
Atticus Phil.
Augeas Comic.
Autesion Hist.
<Autocharis> Hist.
Autocrates Comic.
Autocrates Hist.
Autolycus Astron.
Axionicus Comic.
Valerius Babrius Scr. Fab.
Bacchylides Lyr.
Balagrus Hist.
Julia Balbilla Lyr.
Barlaam Math., Theol. et Epist.
Barnabae Epistula
Basilides Phil.
Basilis Hist.
Basilius Med. et Scr. Eccl.
Basilius Scr. Eccl.
Basilius Theol.
Bato Comic.
Bato Hist. et Rhet.
Beros(s)us Astrol. et Hist.
Bias <Phil.>
Bion Bucol.
Bion Hist.
Bion Hist.
Bion Math. et Phil.
Bion Phil.
Biottus Comic.
Biotus Trag.
Biton Mech.
Blaesus Comic.
Nicephorus Blemmydes Alchem.
[Boeo] Epic.
Boethus Epigr.
Boethus Phil.
[Boeus] Epic.
Boi+das Phil.
Boiscus Iamb.
Bolus Med. et Phil.
<Brotinus> Phil.
Bruti Epistulae
<Bryson> Phil.
Butas Eleg.
<Butherus> Phil.
Caecalus (?) Epic.
Calani Epistula
Callias Comic.
Callicrates Comic.
<Callicratidas> Phil.
Callimachus Junior Epic.
Callimachus Philol.
Callinicus Biogr.
Callinicus Soph.
Callinus Eleg.
Calliphon et Democedes Med. et Phil.
<Callippus> Comic.
Callippus Hist.
Callisthenes Hist.
Domitius Callistratus Hist.
Callistratus Soph.
Callistratus Trag.
Callixenus Hist.
Joannes Camaterus Astrol. et Astron.
Joannes Cameniates Hist.
Joannes Cananus Hist.
Canon Librorum
Cantharus Comic.
Cantus Lugubris
Capito Hist.
Carcinus Trag.
Carcinus Junior Trag.
Carmen Astrologicum
Carmen Naupactium
Carmina Convivialia (PMG)
Carmina Popularia (PMG)
Carneiscus Phil.
Carystius Hist.
Cassius Iatrosophista Med.
Cassius Dio Hist.
Castorion Lyr.
Catenae (Novum Testamentum)
<Cebes> Phil.
Georgius Cedrenus Chronogr.
Celsus Phil.
Cephalion Hist. et Rhet.
Cephisodorus Comic.
Cercidas Iamb.
Cercops Phil.
Certamen Homeri Et Hesiodi
Chaeremon Hist. et Phil.
Chaeremon Trag.
Chaerion Comic.
Laonicus Chalcocondyles Hist.
Chamaeleon Phil.
Charax Hist.
Chares Gnom.
Chariclides Comic.
Charinus Choliamb.
Chariton Scr. Erot.
Charon Hist.
<Charondas Nomographus> <Phil.>
[Chersias] Epic.
Chilonis Epistula
Chionides Comic.
Chionis Epistulae
Choerilus Epic.
Choerilus Epic.
Choerilus Trag.
Georgius Choeroboscus Gramm.
Choliambica Adespota (ALG)
Choricius Rhet. et Soph.
Christodorus Epic.
Chronicon Paschale
Chronographiae Anonymae
[Chrysermus] Hist.
[Chrysippus] Hist.
Chrysippus Phil.
Macarius Chrysocephalus Paroemiogr.
Lucius Cincius Alimentus Hist.
Cineas Rhet.
Cinesias Lyr.
Joannes Cinnamus Gramm. et Hist.
Claudius Casilon Gramm.
Claudius Iolaus Hist.
Cleaenetus Trag.
Cleanthes Phil.
Clearchus Comic.
Clearchus Phil.
Clemens Alexandrinus Theol.
Clemens Romanus Theol. et Clementina
Cleobuli Epistula
Cleobulina Scriptor Aenigmatum
Cleobulus Epigr. et Lyr.
Cleomachus Poeta
Cleomedes Astron.
Cleomenes Lyr.
Cleon Eleg.
Cleonides Mus.
Cleopatra Alchem.
Cleophon Trag.
Cleostratus Poet. Phil.
Clidemus Hist.
Clidemus Phil.
<Clinias> Phil.
Clitarchus Gnom.
[Clitonymus] Hist.
[Clitophon] Hist.
Clytus Hist.
Pseudo-Codinus Hist.
Colluthus Epic.
Comarius Alchem.
Comica Adespota (CAF)
Comica Adespota (FCG)
Comica Adespota (Suppl. Com.)
Comica Adespota (CGFPR)
Commentaria In Dionysii Thracis Artem Grammaticam
Concilia Oecumenica (ACO)
Conon Hist.
Constantinus VII Porphyrogenitus Imperator Hist.
Constitutiones Apostolorum
Conventus Avium
Corinna Lyr.
Lucius Annaeus Cornutus Phil.
Corpus Hermeticum
Cosmas Hieromonachus Alchem.
Cosmas Indicopleustes Geogr.
Crantor Phil.
Craterus Hist.
Crates Comic.
Crates Hist.
Crates Poet. Phil.
Cratetis Epistulae
Crateuas Med.
Cratinus Comic.
Cratinus Junior Comic.
Cratippus Hist.
Cratylus Phil.
Creophylus Hist.
Crinis Phil.
Critias Eleg., Phil. et Trag.
Crito Comic.
Crito Hist.
Crito Phil.
Michael Critobulus Hist.
Critolaus Hist.
Critolaus Phil.
Crobylus Comic.
Ctesias Hist. et Med.
[Ctesiphon] Hist.
Cydias Lyr.
Cyrillus Biogr.
Cyrillus Scr. Eccl.
Cyrillus Theol.
Cyrus Rhet.
Daimachus Hist.
Daimachus Hist.
Damascius Phil.
Damastes Hist.
Damianus Scriptor De Opticis
<Damigeron Magus>
Damippus Phil.
Damon Hist.
Damon Mus.
Damon et Phintias Phil.
Damoxenus Comic.
Danai+s vel Danai+des
Daphitas Gramm. vel Soph.
David Phil.
De Arboribus Avibusque Fabulae
Dei(l)ochus Hist.
Demades Orat. et Rhet.
Demaratus Hist.
Demareta Poeta
Demetrii Phalerei Epistula
Demetrius Comic.
Demetrius Junior Comic.
Demetrius Gramm.
Demetrius Hist.
Demetrius Hist.
Demetrius Hist. et Phil.
Demetrius Poet. Phil.
Demetrius Poeta
Demetrius Rhet.
<Demetrius> Rhet.
Demetrius Trag.
Demochares Hist. et Orat.
Democles Hist.
Democritus Hist.
Democritus Phil.
Demodocus Eleg.
Demon Hist.
Demonax Phil.
Demonax <Trag.>
Demonicus Comic.
Demosthenes Epic.
Pseudo-Demosthenes Epigr.
Demosthenes Orat.
[Dercyllus] Hist.
Dexicrates Comic.
Publius Herennius Dexippus Hist.
Dexippus Phil.
Diagoras Lyr.
Dialexeis ($*DISSOI\ LO/GOI)
Dicaearchus Phil.
Dicaeogenes Trag.
Dictys Hist.
Didache XII Apostolorum
Didymarchus Poeta
Didymus Scriptor De Mensuris
Didymus Gramm.
Didymus Caecus Scr. Eccl.
Dieuches Med.
Dieuchidas Hist.
Dinarchus Orat.
Dinias Hist.
Dinolochus Comic.
Dinon Hist.
Dio Chrysostomus Soph.
Diocles Comic.
Diodorus Comic.
Diodorus Eleg.
Diodorus Perieg.
Diodorus Phil.
Diodorus Phil.
Diodorus Rhet.
Diodorus Rhet.
Diodorus Scr. Eccl.
Diodorus Siculus Hist.
Diogenes Hist.
Diogenes Phil.
Diogenes Phil.
Diogenes Phil.
Diogenes Phil.
Diogenes Phil. et Trag.
Diogenes Trag.
Diogenes Laertius Biogr.
Diogenianus Gramm.
Diogenianus Phil.
Diogenis Sinopensis Epistulae
Dionis Epistulae
Aelius Dionysius Attic.
Dionysius Comic.
Dionysius Epic.
Dionysius Epic.
Dionysius Geogr.
Dionysius Geogr.
Dionysius Hist.
Dionysius Hist.
Dionysius Hist.
Dionysius Hist.
Dionysius Perieg.
Dionysius $*METAQE/MENOS Phil.
Dionysius Scr. Eccl.
Dionysius Soph.
Pseudo-Dionysius Areopagita Scr. Eccl. et Theol.
Dionysius Chalcus Eleg.
Dionysius Halicarnassensis Hist. et Rhet.
Dionysius I <Trag.>
Dionysius II <Eleg.>
Dionysius Iambus Gramm. et Poeta
<Dionysius Scymnaeus> Trag. vel Comic.
Dionysius Scytobrachion Gramm.
Dionysius Thrax Gramm.
Diophantus Comic.
Diophantus Hist.
Diophantus Math.
Diophilus vel Diophila Poeta
Pseudo-Dioscorides Med.
Dioscorides Pedanius Med.
Dioscorus Poeta
Dioscurides Hist.
Diotimus Epic.
Diotimus Phil.
<Diotogenes> Phil.
Dioxippus Comic.
Diphilus Comic.
Diphilus Epic. et Iamb.
Discipulorum Cantiuncula
Dius Phil.
Diyllus Hist.
Doctrina Patrum
Dorieus Poeta
Dorotheus Astrol.
Dosiadas Hist.
Dosiadas Lyr.
Dositheus Magister Gramm.
[Dositheus] Hist.
Joannes Doxapatres Rhet.
Dromo Comic.
Ducas Hist.
Duris Hist.
<Eccelus> Phil.
Echecrates Phil.
Echembrotus Eleg. et Lyr.
Echephylidas Hist.
Ecphantides Comic.
<Ecphantus> Phil.
Elegiaca Adespota (CA)
Elegiaca Adespota (IEG)
Elias Phil.
Empedocles Poet. Phil.
Encomium Ducis Thebaidos
Eparchides Hist.
Ephippus Comic.
Ephorus Hist.
Ephraem Hist. et Poeta
Ephraem Scr. Eccl.
Ephraem Syrus Theol.
Epica Adespota (GDRK)
Epica Adespota (CA)
Epica Incerta (CA)
Epicharmus Comic. et Pseudepicharmea
Epicrates Comic.
Epictetus Phil.
Epicurus Phil.
Epigenes Comic.
Epilycus Comic.
Epimenides Phil.
Epinicus Comic.
Epiphanius Scr. Eccl.
Epistula A Martyribus Lugdunensibus
Epistula Ad Diognetum
Epistula Ecclesiarum Apud Lugdunum Et Viennam
Epitaphium Abercii
Epitaphium Pectorii
Erasistratus Med.
Eratosthenes et Eratosthenica Philol.
Ergias Hist.
Erinna Lyr.
Eriphus Comic.
Erotianus Gramm. et Med.
Erotica Adespota
Erycius Poeta
Etymologia Alphabeti
Etymologicum Genuinum
Etymologicum Gudianum
Etymologicum Magnum
Etymologicum Parvum
Etymologicum Symeonis
Euagon Hist.
Euangelus Comic.
Euanthes Epic.
Euaretus Trag.
Euboeus Parodius
Eubulides Comic.
Eubulus Comic.
Euclides Comic. vel Iamb.
Euclides Geom.
Eudemus Phil.
Eudemus Poet. Med.
Eudemus Rhet.
Eudocia Augusta Poeta
Eudoxus Astron.
Eudoxus Comic.
Eudoxus Hist.
Eudromus Phil.
Euenus Eleg.
Eugenius Alchem.
Eumachus Hist.
Eumedes Comic.
Eumelus Epic.
Eunapius Hist. et Soph.
Eunicus Comic.
Euphanes Comic.
Euphantus Phil.
Euphorion Epic.
Euphro Comic.
Euphronius Lyr.
Eupolis Comic.
Euripides Trag.
Euripides II Trag.
Euripidis Epistulae
<Euryphamus> Phil.
<Eurytus> Phil.
Eusebius Phil.
Eusebius Scr. Eccl.
Eusebius Scr. Eccl. et Theol.
Eustathius Philol. et Scr. Eccl.
Eustathius Scr. Eccl. et Theol.
Eustochius Soph.
Eustratius Phil.
Eutecnius Soph.
Euthycles Comic.
Euthydemus Med.
Eutocius Math.
Eutropius Hist.
Eutychianus Hist.
Evagrius Scr. Eccl.
Evagrius Scholasticus Scr. Eccl.
Evangelium Aegyptium
Evangelium Bartholomaei
Evangelium Ebionitum
Evangelium Evae
Evangelium Mariae
Evangelium Petri
Evangelium Philippi
Evangelium Secundum Hebraeos
Evangelium Thomae
Ezechiel Trag.
Quintus Fabius Pictor Hist.
Favorinus Phil. et Rhet.
Florilegium Cyrillianum
Fragmenta Adespota (SH)
Fragmenta Alchemica
Fragmenta Anonyma (PsVTGr)
Fragmentum Lexici Graeci
Fragmentum Stoicum
Fragmentum Synodicae Epistulae Concilii Caesariensis
Fragmentum Teliambicum
Marcus Cornelius Fronto Rhet.
Gaius Scr. Eccl.
Joannes Galenus Gramm.
Galenus Med.
Pseudo-Galenus Med.
Geminus Astron.
Josephus Genesius Hist.
Gennadius I Scr. Eccl.
Geographica Adespota (GGM)
Georgius Monachus Chronogr.
Georgius Gramm.
Georgius Monachus Continuatus
Georgius Peccator Poeta
Georgius Pisides Poeta
Georgius Syncellus Chronogr.
Glaucus Hist.
Glaucus Hist.
Glossae In Herodotum
Michael Glycas Astrol. et Hist.
Gnomologium Vaticanum
Gorgias Hist.
Gorgias Rhet. et Soph.
Gorgon Hist.
Gregorius Paroemiogr.
Gregorius Nazianzenus Theol.
Gregorius Nyssenus Theol.
Gregorius Thaumaturgus Scr. Eccl.
(H)agias-Dercylus Hist.
Harmodius Hist.
Harmodius Trag.
Harpocration Gramm.
Harpocrationis Epistula
Hecataeus Hist.
Hecataeus Hist.
Hedyle Epigr.
Hedylus Epigr.
Hegemon Epic.
Hegemon Parodius
Hegesander Hist.
Hegesianax Astron. et Epic.
[Hegesinus] Epic.
Hegesippus Comic.
Hegesippus Hist.
Hegesippus Scr. Eccl.
Heliodorus Alchem. et Poeta
Heliodorus Perieg.
Heliodorus Scr. Erot.
Heliodorus Trag.
Hellanicus Hist.
Heniochus Comic.
Hephaestion Astrol.
Hephaestion Gramm.
Heraclides Comic.
Heraclides Gramm.
Heraclides Hist.
Heraclides Criticus Perieg.
Heraclides Phil.
Hera[clides] Trag.
Heraclides Lembus Hist.
Heraclides Ponticus Junior Gramm.
Heraclides Ponticus Phil.
Heracliti Ephesii Epistulae
Pseudo-Heracliti Epistulae
<Heraclitus> Comic.
Heraclitus Paradox.
Heraclitus Phil.
Heraclitus Phil.
Hereas Hist.
(H)eren(n)ius Philo Gramm. et Hist.
Herillus Phil.
Hermaeus Hist.
Hermarchus Phil.
Hermas Scr. Eccl.
[Hermes] Alchem.
Hermesianax Eleg.
[Hermesianax] Hist.
Hermias Apol.
Hermias Hist.
Hermias Iamb.
Hermias Phil.
Hermias Poeta
Hermippus Comic.
Hermippus Gramm. et Hist.
Hermocles Lyr.
Hermodorus Phil.
Hermogenes Rhet.
Hermolochus Lyr.
Hermonax Epic.
Herodas Mimogr.
Herodes Atticus Soph.
Herodianus Hist.
Aelius Herodianus et Pseudo-Herodianus Gramm. et Rhet.
Herodicus Gramm.
Herodorus Hist.
Herodotus Hist.
Heron Mech.
Hesiodus Epic.
Hestiaeus Hist.
Hesychius Illustrius Hist.
Hesychius Lexicogr.
Hesychius Scr. Eccl.
Hicetas Phil.
Hierocles Phil.
Hierocles Phil.
Hieronymus Hist.
Hieronymus Phil.
Hierophilus Phil. et Soph.
Hierotheus Alchem.
Hierotheus Alchem. et Poeta
Himerius Soph.
Hipparchus Astron. et Geogr.
Hipparchus Comic.
Hipparchus Parodius
<Hipparchus> Phil.
Hipparchus <Epigr.>
Hippasus Phil.
Hippias Hist.
Hippias Soph.
Hippocrates Math.
Pseudo-Hippocrates Med.
Hippocrates Med. et Corpus Hippocraticum
<Hippodamus> Phil.
Hippolytus Scr. Eccl.
Hippon Phil.
Hipponax Iamb.
Hippostratus Hist.
[Hippothoon] Trag.
Hippys Hist.
Historia Alexandri Magni
Historia Monachorum In Aegypto
Homerus Epic.
[Homerus] <Epic.>
Horapollo Gramm.
Hymni Anonymi
Hymni Homerici
Hyperides Orat.
Hypermenes Hist.
Hyperochus Hist.
Hypsicles Astron. et Math.
Iambica Adespota (IEG)
Iambica Adespota (ALG)
Iamblichus Alchem.
Iamblichus Phil.
Iamblichus Scr. Erot.
Ibycus Lyr.
Iccus Phil.
Idaeus Epic.
Idaeus Phil.
Idomeneus Hist.
Ignatius Biogr. et Poeta
Ignatius Scr. Eccl.
Ilias Parva
Iliu Persis
Ion Eleg.
Ion Phil. et Poeta
Iophon Trag.
Irenaeus Theol.
Isaeus Orat.
Isidorus Scriptor Hymnorum
Isidorus Trag.
Isigonus Paradox.
[Isis Prophetissa] Alchem.
Isocrates Orat.
Ister Hist.
Isyllus Lyr.
Joannes Archiereus Alchem.
Joannes Protospatharius Gramm.
Joannes Gramm. et Poeta
Joannes Gramm. et Theol.
Joannes Med.
Joannes Rhet.
Joannes Rhet.
Joannes Theol.
Joannes Actuarius Med.
Joannes Antiochenus Hist.
Joannes Chortasmenus Phil.
Joannes Chrysostomus Scr. Eccl.
Joannes Damascenus Scr. Eccl. et Theol.
Joannes Epiphaniensis Hist.
Joannes Malalas Chronogr.
Joannes Philoponus Phil.
Joannes Scylitzes Hist.
Joannes VI Cantacuzenus
Joel Chronogr.
Flavius Josephus Hist.
Josephus Et Aseneth
Juba II Rex Mauretaniae <Hist.>
Julianus Scriptor Legis De Medicis
Flavius Claudius Julianus Imperator Phil.
Julianus Scr. Eccl.
Julius Epic.
Sextus Julius Africanus Hist.
Jusjurandum Medicum
Flavius Justinianus Imperator Theol.
Pseudo-Justinus Martyr
Justinus Martyr Apol.
Lachares Soph.
Laetus Hist.
Lamprocles Lyr.
Lamynthius Lyr.
Laon Comic.
Lasus Lyr.
Leo Hist.
Leo Hist.
Leo Hist.
Leo Diaconus Hist.
Leo Phil.
Leo Magentinus Phil.
Leontius Mech.
Leontius Scr. Eccl.
Lepidus Hist.
Lesbonax Gramm.
Lesbonax Rhet.
Leschides Epic.
Leucippus Phil.
Leuco Comic.
Lexica In Opera Gregorii Nazianzeni
Lexica Segueriana
Lexica Synonymica
Lexica Syntactica
Lexicon $AI(MWDEI=N
Lexicon Artis Grammaticae
Lexicon De Atticis Nominibus
Lexicon Patmense
Lexicon Rhetoricum Cantabrigiense
Lexicon Sabbaiticum
Lexicon Vindobonense
Libanius Rhet. et Soph.
Liber Eldad Et Modad
Liber Enoch
Liber Jannes Et Jambres
Liber Jubilaeorum
Licymnius Lyr.
Limenius Lyr.
Lobo Poeta
Lollianus Scr. Erot.
Cassius Longinus Phil. et Rhet.
[Longinus] Rhet.
Longus Scr. Erot.
<Lucas Apostolus> Med.
Lucianus Soph.
Pseudo-Lucianus Soph.
Lucius Licinius Lucullus Hist.
Lyceas Hist.
Lyceas Hist.
Lycon Phil.
Lycon Phil.
Lycophron Soph.
Lycophron Trag.
Lycophronides Lyr.
Lycurgus Orat.
Lycus Hist.
Joannes Laurentius Lydus Hist.
Lynceus Comic.
Lyrica Adespota (CA)
Lyrica Adespota (PMG)
Lyrica Adespota (SLG)
Lysanias Hist.
Lysias Orat.
Lysimachus Hist.
Lysippus Comic.
<Lysis> Phil.
Pseudo-Macarius Scr. Eccl.
Mace(donius) Lyr.
Machon Comic.
Maeandrius Hist.
Magnes Comic.
Magnus Hist.
Maiistas Epic.
Mamercus Eleg.
Constantinus Manasses Hist. et Poeta
Manetho Astrol.
Manetho Hist.
Mantissa Proverbiorum
Marcellinus Biogr.
Marcellinus I Med.
Marcellus Hist.
Marcellus Poet. Med.
Marcellus Theol.
Marci Aurelii Epistula
Marcianus Geogr.
Marcus Diaconus Scr. Eccl.
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Imperator Phil.
Marinus Phil.
Martyrium Agapae, Irenae, Chionae Et Sodalium
Martyrium Carpi, Papyli Et Agathonicae
Martyrium Cononis
Martyrium Dasii
Martyrium Et Ascensio Isaiae
Martyrium Ignatii
Martyrium Marini
Martyrium Pionii
Martyrium Polycarpi
Martyrium Potamiaenae Et Basilidis
Martyrium Ptolemaei Et Lucii
Matron Parodius
Matthiae Traditiones
Pseudo-Mauricius Tact.
Maximus Astrol.
Maximus Rhet.
Maximus Soph.
Maximus Theol.
Maximus Confessor Theol.
Megasthenes Hist.
<Megillus> Phil.
Melampus Scriptor De Divinatione
Melanippides Lyr.
Melanthius Eleg. et Trag.
Melanthius Hist.
Melanthius Trag.
Meletius Med.
Meletus Junior Trag.
Melinno Lyr.
<Melissa> Phil.
Melisseus Hist.
Melissus Phil.
Melito Apol.
Melito Trag.
Memnon Hist.
Menander Comic.
Menander Hist.
Menander Protector Hist.
Menander Rhet.
Menandri Et Philistionis Sententiae
Menecles Hist.
Menecrates Comic.
Menecrates Hist.
Menecrates Hist.
Menecrates Hist.
Menecrates Hist.
Menecrates Hist.
Menecrates Med.
Menecrates Poet. Phil.
Menelaus Epic.
Menesthenes Hist.
Menestor Phil.
Menetor Hist.
[Menippus] Comic.
Menippus Geogr.
Menippus Phil.
Menodotus Hist.
Menophilus Poeta
[Menyllus] Hist.
Mesomedes Lyr.
Metagenes Comic.
<Metopus> Phil.
Metrodorus Hist.
Metrodorus Major Phil.
Metrodorus Phil.
Metrophanes Hist.
Michael Phil.
Michael Attaliates Hist.
<Milon> <Phil.>
Mimnermus Eleg.
Mimnermus Trag.
Minucianus Junior Rhet.
Mithridatis Epistula
Mnaseas Perieg.
Mnesimachus Comic.
Mnesimachus Hist.
Moderatus Phil.
Moeris Attic.
Moero Epic.
Molpis Hist.
Monimus Phil.
Montanus et Montanistae Theol.
Morsimus Trag.
Moschion Trag.
Moschus Bucol.
Moses Alchem.
Musaeus Epic.
Musaeus Grammaticus Epic.
[Musaeus] Phil.
Gaius Musonius Rufus Phil.
<Myia> Phil.
Myron Hist.
Myronianus Hist.
Myrsilus Hist.
Myrtilus Comic.
Naumachius Epic.
Nausicrates Comic.
Nausiphanes Phil.
Nautarum Cantiunculae
Neanthes Hist.
Nemesius Theol.
Neophron Trag.
Neoptolemus Gramm.
Nepualius Med. et Phil.
Nessas Phil.
Nicaenetus Epic.
Nicander Epic.
Nicander Gramm.
Nicander Hist.
Nicanor Gramm.
Nicephorus Bryennius Hist.
Nicephorus Gregoras Hist.
Nicephorus I Scr. Eccl., Hist. et Theol.
Nicephorus II Phocas Imperator Tact.
Niceratus Epic.
Nicetas Choniates Hist., Scr. Eccl. et Rhet.
Niciae Epistula
Nicias Epigr.
Nicias Hist.
Nico Comic.
Nicochares Comic.
Nicocles Hist.
Nicocrates Hist.
Nicolaus Comic.
Nicolaus Hist.
Nicolaus Rhet. et Soph.
Nicolaus I Mysticus Theol. et Epist.
Nicomachus Comic.
Nicomachus Math.
Nicomachus Trag.
Nicomachus Trag.
Nicophon Comic.
Nicostratus Comic.
Nonnosus Hist.
Nonnus Epic.
Novum Testamentum
Numenius Phil.
Numenius Poet. Didac.
Nymphis Hist.
Nymphodorus Hist.
Ocellus Phil.
Oechaliae Halosis
Oecumenius Phil. et Rhet.
Oeniades Lyr.
Oenomaus Phil.
Oenopides Phil.
Olympiodorus Alchem.
Olympiodorus Phil.
Olympiodorus Diaconus Scr. Eccl.
Onasander Tact.
<Onatas> Phil.
Ophelio Comic.
Oppianus Epic.
Oppianus Epic.
Oracula Chaldaica
Oracula Sibyllina
Oracula Tiburtina
Oratio Josephi
Oratio Manassis
Oribasius Med.
Origenes Theol.
Orion Gramm.
Orus Gramm.
Ostanes Magus Alchem.
Georgius Pachymeres Hist.
Paeanes (CA)
Paeon Hist.
<Palaephatus> Myth.
Palladius Med.
Palladius Scr. Eccl.
Pamphila Hist.
Pamphilus Poeta
Pamphilus Trag.
Pamprepius Epic.
Panarces Scriptor Aenigmatum
Pancrates Epic.
Pancrates Epigr.
Panteleius Epic.
Panyassis Epic.
Papias Scr. Eccl.
Pappus Alchem.
Pappus Math.
Paradoxographus Florentinus
Paradoxographus Palatinus
Paradoxographus Vaticanus
Paraleipomena Jeremiou
Paramonus Comic.
Paraphrases In Dionysium Periegetam
Parmenides Poet. Phil.
Parm(en)iscus Phil.
Parmeno Iamb.
Parodica Anonyma
Paron Phil.
Parrhasius Epigr.
Parthax Hist.
Parthenius Myth.
Passio Perpetuae Et Felicitatis
Patria Constantinopoleos
Patrocles Hist.
Patrocles Trag.
Paulus Astrol.
Paulus Med.
Paulus Silentiarius Poeta
Pausaniae I Et Xerxis Epistulae
Pausanias Attic.
Pausanias Hist.
Pausanias Perieg.
Joannes Pediasimus Philol. et Rhet.
Pelagius Alchem.
<Pempelus> Phil.
Periander <Phil.>
<Perictione> Phil.
Periplus Hannonis
Periplus Maris Erythraei
Periplus Maris Magni
Periplus Ponti Euxini
Persaeus Phil.
Persinus Poeta
Petron Phil.
Petrus Scr. Eccl. et Theol.
Phaedimus Epigr.
Phaedimus <Epic.>
Phaenias Phil.
Phaestus Epic.
Phalaridis Epistulae
Phanocles Eleg.
Phanodemus Hist.
Phanodicus Hist.
Pherecrates Comic.
Pherecydes Hist.
Pherecydes Myth. et Phil.
Pherecydis Epistula
Pherenicus Epic.
Phileas Scr. Eccl.
Philemon Comic.
Philemon Junior Comic.
Manuel Philes Poeta et Scr. Rerum Nat.
Philetaerus Comic.
Philetas Eleg. et Gramm.
Philiades Eleg.
Philicus Lyr.
Philinus Hist.
Philippides Comic.
Philippus Comic.
Philippus Hist.
Philippus II Rex Macedonum <Epist.>
Philiscus Comic.
Philiscus Rhet.
Philiscus Trag.
Philistus Hist.
Phillis Hist.
Philo Judaeus Senior Epic.
Philo Mech.
Philo Med.
Philo Paradox.
Philo Poeta
Philo Judaeus Phil.
Philochorus Hist.
Philocles Comic.
Philocles Trag.
Philodamus Lyr.
Philodemus Phil.
Philolaus Phil.
Philonides Comic.
Philosophus Anonymus Alchem.
Philosophus Christianus Alchem.
Philostephanus Comic.
Philostephanus Hist.
Philostorgius Scr. Eccl.
Flavius Philostratus Soph.
Philostratus Major Soph.
Philostratus Junior Soph.
Philoxenus Gramm.
Philoxenus Lyr.
Philoxenus Lyr.
Philumenus Med.
Philyllius Comic.
<Phintys> Phil.
Publius Aelius Phlegon Paradox.
Phocylides Eleg. et Gnom.
Pseudo-Phocylides Gnom.
Phoebammon Soph.
Phoenicides Comic.
Phoenix Iamb.
Phormis Comic.
Photius Lexicogr., Scr. Eccl. et Theol.
Phrynichus Attic.
Phrynichus Comic.
Phrynichus Trag.
Phrynichus II Trag.
Phylarchus Hist.
Pigres Eleg.
Pindarus Lyr.
Pisander Epic.
Pisander Epic.
Pisistrati Epistula
Pittaci Epistula
Pittacus <Lyr.>
Plato Comic.
Plato Phil.
Platonius Gramm.
Plotinus Phil.
Plutarchus Biogr. et Phil.
Polemaeus Trag.
Polemon Perieg.
Marcus Antonius Polemon Soph.
Poliochus Comic.
Julius Pollux Gramm.
Polyaenus Rhet.
Polybius Hist.
Polybius Rhet.
Polycarpus Scr. Eccl.
Polycharmus Hist.
Polyclitus Phil.
Polycrates Hist.
Polycrates Scr. Eccl.
Polycritus Hist.
<Polyidus> Trag.
Polyphrasmon Trag.
Polystratus Phil.
Polyzelus Comic.
Pompeius Macer <Trag.>
Porphyrius Phil.
Posidippus Comic.
Posidippus Epigr.
Posidonius Epic.
Posidonius Hist.
Posidonius Phil.
Possis Hist.
Potamon Hist.
Praecepta Salubria
Praelusio Mimi
Pratinas Trag.
Praxagoras Hist.
Praxilla Lyr.
Praxiphanes Phil.
Praxiteles <Epigr.>
Priscianus Phil.
Priscus Epic.
Priscus Hist. et Rhet.
Proclus Phil.
Procopius Hist.
Procopius Rhet. et Scr. Eccl.
Prodicus Soph.
Theodorus Prodromus Poeta et Polyhist.
Prolegomena De Comoedia
Promathidas Hist.
Promathion Hist.
Pronomus Lyr.
Prorus Phil.
Protagoras Soph.
Protagorides Hist.
Protevangelium Jacobi
Proxenus Hist.
Michael Psellus Polyhist.
Pseudo-Auctores Hellenistae (PsVTGr)
Ptolemaei II Philadelphi Et Eleazari Epistulae
Ptolemaeus Gnost.
Ptolemaeus Gramm.
Ptolemaeus Hist.
Claudius Ptolemaeus Math.
Ptolemaeus III Euergetes I <Epigr.>
Ptolemaeus IV Philopator Trag.
Ptolemaeus VIII Euergetes II <Hist.>
Ptolemais Phil.
[Pyrander] Hist.
Pyrgion Hist.
Pyrrhus Hist.
Pythaenetus Hist.
<Pythagoras> Phil.
Pythagoristae (D-K) Phil.
Pytheas Perieg.
Pythermus Hist.
Pythocles Hist.
Python Trag.
Quintus Epic.
Rhetorica Anonyma
Rhianus Epic.
Rhinthon Comic.
Romanus Melodus Hymnographus
Rufus Med.
Rufus Soph.
Publius Rutilius Rufus Hist.
Sallustius Phil.
Salmanas Alchem.
Sannyrion Comic.
Sappho Lyr.
Sappho et Alcaeus Lyr.
Sapphus vel Alcaei Fragmenta
Satyrus Biogr.
Satyrus Hist.
Scamon Hist.
Scholia In Aelium Aristidem
Scholia In Aeschinem
Scholia In Aeschylum
Scholia In Apollonium Rhodium
Scholia In Aratum
Scholia In Aristophanem
Scholia In Aristotelem
Scholia In Callimachum
Scholia In Clementem Alexandrinum
Scholia In Demosthenem
Scholia In Dionysium Byzantium
Scholia In Dionysium Periegetam
Scholia In Diophantum
Scholia In Euclidem
Scholia In Euripidem
Scholia In Hesiodum
Scholia In Homerum
Scholia In Iamblichum Philosophum
Scholia In Isocratem
Scholia In Lucianum
Scholia In Lycophronem
Scholia In Nicandrum
Scholia In Oppianum
Scholia In Pausaniam
Scholia In Pindarum
Scholia In Platonem
Scholia In Sophoclem
Scholia In Theocritum
Scholia In Theonem Rhetorem
Scholia In Thucydidem
Scholia In Xenophontem
Scholia in Maximum Confessorem
Sciras Comic.
<Sclerias> Trag.
Scolia Alphabetica
Scriptor Incertus De Leone Armenio Hist.
Scylax Perieg.
Scylitzes Continuatus
Pseudo-Scymnus Geogr.
Scythinus Epigr.
Scythinus Poet. Phil.
Seleucus Lyr.
Semonides Eleg. et Iamb.
Semus Gramm.
Seniores Alexandrini Scr. Eccl.
Seniores Apud Irenaeum Scr. Eccl.
Sententiae Pythagoreorum
Sententiae Sexti
<Septem Sapientes> Phil.
Serapion Scr. Eccl.
Serapion Trag.
Serenus Geom.
Severianus Scr. Eccl.
Severus Iatrosophista Med.
Severus Phil.
Severus Soph.
Sextus Empiricus Phil.
Silenus Hist.
Silenus Trag.
Simias Gramm.
Simon Scriptor De Re Equestri
Simonides Epic.
Simonides Lyr.
Simplicius Phil.
Simus Phil.
Simylus Comic.
Simylus Eleg.
Simylus Iamb.
Sminthes Astron.
Socrates Hist.
Socrates Hist.
Socrates Scholasticus Hist.
Socrates Phil.
Socraticorum Epistulae
Socratis Epistulae
<Sodamus> Eleg.
Sogenes Comic.
Solon Nomographus et Poeta
Solonis Epistulae
Sopater Comic.
Sopater Rhet.
Sophaenetus Hist.
Sophilus Comic.
Sophocles Trag.
Sophocles Junior Trag.
Sophonias Phil.
Sophron Mimogr.
Sophronius Gramm.
Soranus Med.
Sosibius Gramm.
Sosicrates Comic.
Sosicrates Hist.
Sosigenes Phil.
Sosipater Comic.
Sosiphanes Trag.
Sositheus Trag.
[Sosthenes] Hist.
Sostratus Gramm.
Sostratus Poeta
Sotades Comic.
Sotades Iamb.
Sotion <Paradox.>
Salaminius Hermias Sozomenus Scr. Eccl.
Speusippus Phil.
Sphaerus Phil.
Georgius Sphrantzes Hist.
Pseudo-Sphrantzes Hist.
Spintharus Trag.
Staphylus Hist.
Stephanus Alchem.
Stephanus Comic.
Stephanus Gramm.
Stephanus Gramm.
Stephanus Med.
Stephanus Med. et Phil.
Stephanus Phil.
Stesichorus Lyr.
Stesichorus II Lyr.
Stesiclides Hist.
Stesimbrotus Hist.
Sthenelus Trag.
<Sthenidas> Phil.
Joannes Stobaeus Anthologus
Strabo Geogr.
Straton Comic.
Straton Phil.
Stratonicus Poeta
Strattis Comic.
Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus Gramm. et Hist.
Susarion Comic.
Pseudo-Symeon Hist.
Symeon Logothetes Hist.
Symeon Metaphrastes Biogr. et Hist.
Synesius Alchem.
Synesius Phil.
Syriani, Sopatri Et Marcellini Scholia Ad Hermogenis Status
Syrianus Phil.
Tatianus Apol.
<Telauges> Phil.
Teleclides Comic.
Telephus Gramm.
Teles Phil.
Telesilla Lyr.
Telestes Lyr.
Terpander Lyr.
Testamenta XII Patriarcharum
Testamentum Abrahae
Testamentum Jobi
Testamentum Salomonis
Testamentum XL Martyrum
Teucer Astrol.
Teucer Hist.
Thales Phil.
Thallus Hist.
Theagenes Hist.
Theagenes Phil.
<Theages> Phil.
<Theano> Phil.
<Thearidas> Phil.
Themison Hist.
Themistius Phil. et Rhet.
Themistoclis Epistulae
Theocles Lyr.
Theocritus Bucol.
Theocritus Soph.
Theodectas Trag.
Theodoretus Scr. Eccl. et Theol.
Theodoridas Epigr.
Theodorides Trag.
Theodorus Epist.
Theodorus Scutariota Hist.
Theodorus Math.
Theodorus Poeta
Theodorus Poeta
Theodorus Scr. Eccl.
Theodorus Theol.
Theodorus Trag.
Theodorus Studites Scr. Eccl. et Theol.
Theodorus Heracleensis vel Theodorus Mopsuestenus Scr. Eccl.
Theodosius Astron. et Math.
Theodosius Gramm.
Theodosius Diaconus Hist. et Poeta
Theodotus Judaeus Epic.
Theognetus Comic.
Theognis Eleg.
Theognis Hist.
Theognis Trag.
Theognostus Gramm.
Theolytus Epic.
Theon Gramm.
Theon Math.
Theon Phil.
Aelius Theon Rhet.
Theophanes Hist.
Theophanes Confessor Chronogr.
Theophanes Continuatus
Theophilus Apol.
Theophilus Comic.
[Theophilus] Hist.
Theophilus Protospatharius Med.
Theophilus Scr. Eccl.
Theophilus Protospatharius, Damascius et Stephanus Atheniensis Med.
Theophilus Protospatharius et Stephanus Atheniensis Med.
Theophrastus Alchem. et Poeta
Theophrastus Phil.
Theophylactus Simocatta Epist. et Hist.
Theopompus Comic.
Theopompus Epic.
Theopompus Hist.
Theotimus Hist.
Theseus Hist.
Thespis Trag.
Thessalus Astrol. et Med.
Theudo[tus] Trag.
Thomas Magister Philol.
Thrasyalces Phil.
Thrasybuli Epistula
Thrasyllus Hist.
Thrasymachus Rhet. et Soph.
Thucydides Hist.
Thugenides Comic.
Tiberius Rhet.
Timachidas Hist.
Timaeus Sophista Gramm.
Timaeus Hist.
Timaeus Phil.
Timaeus Praxidas Astrol.
Timagenes Hist.
Timagetus Hist.
Timagoras Hist.
Timesitheus Trag.
Timocles Comic.
Timocles Trag.
Timocreon Lyr.
Timolaus Hist.
Timolaus Rhet.
Timon Phil.
Timonax Hist.
Timonides Hist.
Timostratus Comic.
Timotheus Comic.
Timotheus Gramm.
[Timotheus] Hist.
Timotheus Lyr.
Timotheus Trag.
Timoxenus Comic.
Tragica Adespota
Triphiodorus Epic. et Gramm.
Troilus Soph.
Trophonius Rhet. et Soph.
Tryphon I Gramm.
Tryphon II Gramm.
Tynnichus Lyr.
Tyrannion Gramm.
Tyrannion Junior Gramm.
Tyrtaeus Eleg.
Joannes Tzetzes Gramm. et Poeta
Ulpianus Gramm. et Rhet.
Uranius Hist.
Valentinus Gnost.
Verba In Scripturis De Christo
Vettius Valens Astrol.
Vita Adam Et Evae
Vita Et Sententiae Secundi
Vita Sophoclis
Vitae Aeschinis
Vitae Aesopi
Vitae Arati Et Varia De Arato
Vitae Aristotelis
Vitae Dionysii Periegetae
Vitae Hesiodi Particula
Vitae Homeri
Vitae Oppiani
Vitae Pindari Et Varia De Pindaro
Vitae Prophetarum
Xanthus Hist.
Xenagoras Geogr. et Hist.
Xenarchus Comic.
Xeniades Soph.
Xenion Hist.
Xeno Comic.
Xenocles Trag.
Xenocrates Phil.
Xenomedes Hist.
Xenophanes Poet. Phil.
Xenophilus Mus. et Phil.
Xenophon Hist.
Xenophon Scr. Erot.
Xenophontis Epistulae
Xuthus Phil.
<Zaleucus Nomographus> <Phil.>
Zeno Hist.
Zeno Phil.
Zeno Phil.
Zeno Phil.
Zenobius Sophista <Paroemiogr.>
Zenodorus Gramm.
Zenodotus Trag.
Zenonis Epistula
Zenothemis Geogr.
Joannes Zonaras Gramm. et Hist.
Pseudo-Zonaras Lexicogr.
Zopyrus Trag.
Zosimus Alchem.
Zosimus Hist.


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