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Judaic Classics Library II (v.2.2)

This Judaic texts collection on CD-ROM includes Tanach and Torah commentary, Parsha insights from Rashi and others, Talmud, Kabbalah, Midrash, and more.

The Judaic Classics Library is an incomparable tool for Torah research. Its vast collection of Judaic literature makes research easy, whether cross-referencing a Yerushalmi, searching for an appropriate Midrash for a speech, or perusing the Ramban on the week's Parsha. This premier program sets the standard for researching Judaic texts.

Product Information

Deluxe edition, containing Tanach and commentaries, Talmudic texts and Halachic Midrashim, Aggadic Midrashim, Halachic texts, Kabbalah, Machshavah: original Biblical, Talmudic, Halachic, and Aggadic texts regarding Jewish law, lore, and tradition, in English and Hebrew. The search and retrieval software links primary texts and commentaries, and allows for printing from the program or transporting to English or Hebrew word processors.

Other outstanding features

  • Easy searching by word or phrase, using and/or logic.
  • Instant look-up to chapter or page in Tanach and Talmud.
  • Unique linking which displays corresonding texts such as Talmud, Rashi, and Tosafot in simultaneously scrolling windows.
  • Capability to print directly from the program, or copy and pasteto other applications and word processors such as Dagesh2.
  • Changeable font, size, and color.
  • Easy installation. No cumbersome, inconvenient "plugs".


Стоимость CD-ROM: 10 у.е.

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