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International Critical Commentary Series CD-ROM - T&T Clark Int'l (53 Volumes)

The International Critical Commentary, published by T&T Clark International, has long held a special place among works on the Bible. It brings together all the relevant aids to exegesis: linguistic and textual, archaeological, historical, literary, and theological, with a comprehensiveness and quality of scholarship unmatched by any other series.

The ICC series has also been rather difficult to purchase in its entirety, due in part to the cost of the print volumes, numerous revisions of various volumes, and the fact that most retailers do not offer the entire set as one purchase. The Logos edition contains the most recent edition of each title and provides an easy way to own every volume of this often-cited commentary set.

If you were to purchase all 53 volumes in print at suggested retail price, the cost would be over $2,800.00. The Logos edition provides a substantial discount and presents the content in a more flexible medium than print!

This series is under the editorship of Professor J. A. Emerton of Cambridge, Professor C. E. B. Cranfield of Durham and Professor G. N. Stanton of Cambridge.

Volumes Included

Note: Many of the titles in this series have gone through a number of revisions.

  • Skinner, J. J. - Genesis
  • Gray, G. Buchanan - Numbers
  • Driver, S. R. - Deuteronomy: 3rd edition
  • Moore, G. F. - Judges
  • Smith, H. P. - Samuel I and II
  • Gehman, H. S.; Montgomery, J. A. - Kings I and II
  • Curtis, E. L.; Madsen, A. A. - Chronicles I and II
  • Batten, L. W. - Ezra and Nehemiah
  • Paton, L. B. - Esther
  • Gray, G. Buchanan; Driver, S. R. - Job
  • Briggs, C. A.; Briggs, E. G. - Psalms: Volume 1
  • Briggs, C. A.; Briggs, E. G. - Psalms: Volume 2
  • Toy, C. H. - Proverbs
  • Barton, G. A. - Ecclesiastes
  • Gray, G. Buchanan - Isaiah 1-27 (Volume 1)
  • McKane, William - Jeremiah 1-25 (Volume 1)
  • McKane, William - Jeremiah 26-52 (Volume 2)
  • Cooke, G. A. - Ezekiel
  • Montgomery, A. A. - Daniel
  • Macintosh, A. A. - Hosea
  • Harper, W. R. - Amos and Hosea
  • Bewer, J. A; Smith, J. M. P.; Ward, Graham - Micah, Zephaniah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Obadiah and Joel
  • Bewer, J. A.; Mitchell, H. G; Smith, J. M. P. - Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi and Jonah
  • Allen, W. C. - St. Matthew: Third Edition
  • Allison, Dale C.; Davies, W. D. - Matthew 1-7 (Volume 1)
  • Allison, Dale C.; Davies, W. D. - Matthew 8-18 (Volume 2)
  • Allison, Dale C.; Davies, W. D. - Matthew 19-28 (Volume 3)
  • Gould, E. P. - St. Mark
  • Plummer, A. A. - St. Luke: Fifth Edition
  • Bernard, J. H. - St. John 1-7 (Volume 1)
  • Bernard, J. H. - St. John 8-21 (Volume 2)
  • Barrett, C. K. - Acts: Volume 1
  • Barrett, C. K. - Acts: Volume 2
  • Headlam, A. C.; Sanday, W. W. - Romans: Fifth edition
  • Cranfield, C. E. B. - Romans: Volume 1
  • Cranfield, C. E. B. - Romans: Volume 2
  • Plummer, A. A.; Robertson, A. T. - I Corinthians: Second edition
  • Plummer, A. A. - II Corinthians
  • Thrall, Margaret E. - The Second Epistle to the Corinthians 1-7 (Volume 1)
  • Thrall, Margaret E. - The Second Epistle to the Corinthians 8-13 (Volume 2)
  • Burton, E. de Witt - Galatians
  • Best, Ernest - Ephesians
  • Abbott, T. K. - Ephesians and Colossians
  • Vincent, M. R. - Philippians and Philemon
  • Frame, J. E. - Thessalonians
  • Lock, W. W. - Pastoral Epistles
  • Marshall, I. Howard - The Pastoral Epistles
  • Moffatt, J. J. - Hebrews
  • Ropes, J. H. - Epistle of St. James
  • Bigg, C. C. - St. Peter and St. Jude: Second Edition
  • Brooke, A. E - The Johannine Epistles
  • Charles, R. H. - Revelation: Volume 1
  • Charles, R. H. - Revelation: Volume 2

Praise for The International Critical Commentary

Reviews for Acts

The second volume of this magisterial commentary on Acts covers chapters 15-28. Professor Barrett provides fresh translations, verse-by-verse commentary, and addresses all linguistic, historical and theological issues. This volume also contains the general introduction to the entire commentary - here Barrett considers, for example, the contribution of Acts to the whole history and theology of early Christianity - together with the general index to both volumes.

"A number of commentaries on the Acts of the Apostles have recently been published, especially in the U.S.; this one ranks among the best given the wealth of information it provides."
 - Nouvelle Revue Theologique, July/September 2001

"With this second volume, eminent British biblical scholar C. K. Barrett completes his contribution to the prestigious ICC series. As with the first volume published in 1994, Barrett's commentary on the Greek texts of Acts is thorough and lucid, addressing the literary, historical and theological dimensions of the text. This two-volume work will remain a classic source on Acts for serious students of the New Testament."
 - Donald Senior C.P., The Bible Today

"The commentary proper, which is on the Greek text, engages with a wide range of scholarship; readers will find much to argue with and - hesitantly - dissent from, but they will certainly find themselves indebted to its richness and clarity. This is essentially a work for the scholar's library, and institutions serious about New Testament study will ensure that they have it on their shelves."
 - Peter Doble, University of Leeds, Theological Book Review

"The discussion of textual variants is careful and detailed. Again and again, Barrett provides valuable insights on the grammar and syntax of Luke's Greek, and students who read Acts in intermediate or advanced Greek classes will have frequent occasion to bless the author for his help."
 - Anvil

Reviews for Ephesians

“No one working on any aspect of Ephesians will be able to ignore this magisterial commentary by Best. It is a worthy and welcome contribution to biblical scholarship and one that will easily pass the test of time.”
 - Eugene Hensell, The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

“This commentary is the crown of a distinguished career. It will prove indispensable for the study of Ephesians for many years to come.”
 - The Bible Translator

“One of the values of the ICC volume is Best’s subtle and wise handling of the evidence and his care to leave issues in the hands of the reader. One gains the impression of sitting in Professor Best’s study with him as he ponders each side of an issue, along with the various interpretive options, before then leaving the decision between interpretations to his conversation partner. For scholarly readership, this is supremely helpful, and the more one uses the ICC volume the more one comes to appreciate its subtlety. Best’s ICC volume is a model of historical-critical scholarship and a great contribution to that series.”
 - Review of Biblical Literature, 8/04

Reviews for Hosea

"This fine, learned and patient commentary will be a great resource for those who wish to engage in a detailed study of Hosea. [...] Macintosh is tireless in his attempts to elucidate Hosea's language, ranging widely over scholarship of many centuries, but always building his comments into a lucid and coherent synthesis. [...] This is a distinguished, 'advanced' commentary that blends conservatism and innovation, and a worthy addition to the ICC."
 - Philip Satterthwaite, Anvil

"In this commentary, the result of a fifteen year effort, Macintosh succeeds admirably in applying traditional linguistic and historical tools of exegesis."
 - Gale A. Yee, University of St Thomas, St. Paul, The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

Reviews for Matthew

"How should this massive work of scholarship be assessed? The three volumes stand as one of the major commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew in which all future interpreters of the Gospel will find a source of fruitful dialogue and helpful ideas. It is a "must have", both in libraries and in footnotes. Davies and Allison are to be thoroughly commended on the fruits of their considerable toil."
 - Robert K. McIver, Seminary Studies

"The authors' meticulous and accurate scholarship, the breadth of their reading, their careful and essentially sensible opinions and judgements are the constant reactions readers should have when consulting this commentary. For any serious scholar of the Gospel of Matthew, this new ICC must be the first port of call, not only for its own exegetical treatment of Matthew, but for alerting us to a vast range of previous comment, patristic, medieval, and modern, and also to an impressively full bibliography of recent articles, monographs and studies on all aspects of this Gospel. This is no realistic substitute in English for this commentary if one is at work on the Greek text of Matthew. That the authors (and their publisher) accomplished their task of producing the three volumes in ten years is itself a prodigious feat."
- Novum Testamentum

"[The authors] have set a very high standard indeed, and it is doubtful whether their commentary will be seriously challenged in the very near future. The third and final volume of this magnificent commentary, like the first two volumes, will become an indispensable text for all scholars and students who work on the Gospel of Matthew."
 - David C. Sim, Australian Biblical Review

Reviews for Pastoral Epistles

"For the professional New Testament scholar this at once becomes an essential book."
 - Kenneth Grayson, The Methodist Recorder

"This is a very welcome addition to the ICC. It will become a standard work and more popular commentaries will draw freely from its conclusions. Dr Marshall has tackled an unenviable task with his usual erudition and honesty. The careful and positive treatment of the text will enable many to take these letters more seriously as the Word of God."
 - Edward Burrows, Baptist Ministers' Journal

"This long-awaited commentary fully meets one's expectations both of this series (ICC) and of this commentator. It is thorough, careful, clear in its analysis of the issues, fair in its judgments, conservative in its conclusions. It is extremely well-informed. "
 - Alastair Campbell, Spurgeon's College London, Anvil

"This volume, in this series, by this author, needs no commendation: it is an essential component of every scholarly library."
 - Peter Doble, University of Leeds, Theological Book Review

"Marshall succeeds in his stated aim of producing a readable and 'user-friendly' commentary . . . His tactful balancing of issues succeeds in preventing any alienation of readers from other backgrounds and traditions."
 - Novum Testamentum, 2000

"This commentary belongs to the best biblical scholarship currently available and is always worth consulting."
- International Review of Biblical Studies, 1999/2000

Reviews for Philippians and Philemon

In these essays by Asian and European theologians, a new approach to pluralism is offered, dealing with such topics as poverty, the arms race, and the feminist and ecological movements.

Reviews for Romans

"…for thoughtful exegesis of the Greek text, with a careful weighing of alternative positions, there is nothing quite like it."
 - D.A. Carson, New Testament Commentary Survey

Reviews for Second Epistle to the Corinthians

The keenly awaited second volume completing this major commentary on 2 Corinthians. Volume II covers chapters 8-13. Dr. Thrall provides an exegetical verse-by-verse exposition and addresses all historical, linguistic and theological issues. This volume also contains two concluding essays, on the nature of the opposition Paul faced in the Corinthian church, and on Paul's understanding of apostleship, as well as excursuses on particular topics such as the question of Paul's Roman citizenship. The two volumes of this commentary now form the most comprehensive and up-to-date work available on 2 Corinthians.

"It is difficult to praise Margaret E. Thrall's commentary on 2 Corinthians too highly. In my notice of the first volume I called attention to Dr Thrall's immense scholarship, clarity of mind, and lucid writing. These qualities continue through Volume II…Here is everything that could be wished for in a commentary…Throughout, the text is carefully analysed, the views of a wide range of scholars are set out and judicious decisions between them made - all with a beautiful clarity. Even when the reader disagrees with Dr Thrall's conclusions, he or she will have had their understanding enlarged and be given a deeper insight into the epistle. Reading this commentary one wonders why anyone should be satisfied with anything less elegant."
 - The Bulletin for the Institute for Reformed Theology (Spring/Summer 2001)

"The high standard of meticulously detailed exegesis displayed in the first volume of Dr Thrall's magisterial commentary is continued in its sequel . . . In all respects, this volume and its predecessor surely deserve to be regarded as one of the most impressive contributions to this fine series . . . Historians and theologians alike will find this commentary an indispensable resource for the interpretation both of key passages and of others that might at first sight look innocent of historical or doctrinal significance."
 - Journal of Theological Studies, 53.1 (April 2002)

"Students and scholars with good Greek skills who are working on 2 Corinthians must engage with this commentary."
 - Foundations (May 2002)

"Margaret Thrall . . . is the perfect guide to assist the reader through this difficult text. . . . After a lifetime of work on Pal, she commands an awesome familiarity with every aspect of II Corinthians and the forest of literature upon it. The ICC commentaries are renowned for their thoroughness in exegetical detail, and Thrall provides translation, textual notes, linguistic analysis and historical discussion in full . . . Thus this is an ideal commentary for those engaged in serious, detailed engagement with the (Greek) text."
 - Anvil, 18:4, 2001

"She has completed the first of two volumes of what will become a standard work of detailed exegesis on the Greek text of 2 Corinthians and a model of thorough interaction with current scholarship."
 - Philip H. Towner, Scottish Journal of Theology

"Few of the canonical books makes such exacting demands on the commentator as 2 Corinthians. Anyone attempting to reconstruct from oblique and allusive references what had actually happened in Corinth faces unusually baffling problems, for the most part excluding all solutions save those with their degree of probability carefully quantified (as is conscientiously done by Thrall). The same is true of the cruces which stud almost every chapter. No wonder that the vast literature on this epistle is particularly taxing to interact with. All the more credit, then, to Thrall for her achievement in giving us so much, in the space available, about a document which has recently been attracting even more attention that before. Dr Thrall manages to combine remarkable conciseness with almost unfailing clarity."
 - C. J. A. Hickling, Journal of Theological Studies

"This is a magnificently substantial volume, the rich fruit of a super-abounding labour. This large and generous and patient work does not belong on a large shelf, but on the large desk of any who is willing to engage, no holds barred, with the mind and/or imagination of the apostle. Everyone awaits with eager expectation the next enthralling installment."
 - Douglas A. Templeton, Epworth Review

"A fine accomplishment and an important addition to the commentaries on 2 Corinthians."
 - E. Earle Ellis, Southwestern Journal of Theology


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