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The Bible in Translation: Ancient and English Versions

The Bible in Translation outlines the development of biblical translation, including a careful analysis of more than fifty versions of the Bible. Author Bruce Metzger, one of the most respected living biblical scholars, explores the circumstances under which each translation was produced and offers insight into its underlying objectives, characteristics, and strengths.

Metzger begins this engaging survey with the earliest translations of the Old and New Testaments before proceeding to English versions dating from the eleventh century to the present. Having served on a number of modern translation committees, his insights into the evolution of Bible translation flow not only from careful research, but also from personal experience.

This clearly written, enjoyable book belongs on the shelves of all lay people, pastors, and even scholars who want an expert overview of Bible translation from its beginnings in Greek, Syriac, and Latin to its many manifestations in the modern English-speaking world.
  —Michael J. Gorman, The Princeton Seminary Bulletin

Translations under consideration include the Septuagint, Coptic versions, the Wycliffite Bible, the Geneva Bible, the King James Bible, Weymouth’s New Testament in Modern Speech, the New International Version, Peterson’s The Message, and many others.

Students, pastors, and interested readers will discover the history of the written Word and gain useful insight into which modern translations best serve their own needs.

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A Student's Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible

A Student's Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible presents, in plain language and with ample illustration, an overview of the history and methods, aims and results of textual criticism. In the process, the readers gain an appreciation for the vast work that has been accomplished in preserving the text of Scripture and find a renewed confidence in its reliability.

The Bible has been on a long historical journey since its original composition. Its texts have been copied and recopied. And despite the most careful and painstaking efforts of scribes and publishers down through the centuries, errors of one sort or another have crept in and have been reproduced. Sorting out the errors and determining the original wording is the task of textual criticism.

In fact, the task of textual criticism is so daunting and detailed that it is divided between Old Testament textual critics and New Testament textual critics. That is why nearly every book on the subject focuses on the textual criticism of either the Old or New Testament. But if you are one of those interested in a general understanding of textual criticism, A Student's Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible introduces you to textual criticism of the whole Bible – the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament.

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Analytical Handbook of the Greek Text of the Letter to the Philippians

Author: H C Du Toit
Publisher: H C Du Toit
Publication Date: 2001

This resource provides analysis on the syntactical aspects of the texts of the New Testament on a verse by verse basis. The book was designed primarily for students of the Bible who have completed a preliminary course in Greek but do not feel comfortable in handling the Greek text on their own. Paul's letter to the Philippians serves as the perfect case study in exercising the reader's understanding of the New Testament's original language.

The Greek of the New Testament dates back to almost 2000 years ago, requiring special skills and training to read and comprehend its manner of expression and flow of the argument which is often quite foreign to speakers and readers of modern languages. To render such ancient Greek texts literally into modern languages often result in reading without real comprehension. Various modern translations rephrasing the Greek into a modern colloquial idiom often leaves the reader in doubt which is correct and trustworthy, since these modern translations often differ to such an extent that many readers feel uncertain which translation to accept. Yet to acquire the competence to read the ancient Greek text oneself, is beyond the reach of most readers since such competence requires many years of study.

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Библия, синодальный перевод, канонические книги
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Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Author: Youngblood, Ronald F.; Bruce, F. F.; Harrison, R. K.; Thomas Nelson Publishers.
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Publication Date: c1995.

This completely revised and updated edition of Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary is the most comprehensive and up-to-date Bible dictionary available. Designed, written, and edited with the needs of general readers in mind. A wealth of background information is found in more than 7,000 encyclopedic entries on the people, places, things, and doctrines of the Bible. Written in plain language, not scholarly jargon. Includes over 500 full-color in-text photographs, maps and pronunciation guides. Cross-referenced to the KJV, NKJV, NIV, NRSV, and REB. Winner of the Gold Medallion Award.

Sample Screenshots

These screenshots are taken from the electronic edition. Click a thumbnail to see the full-size version.

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Every Woman in the Bible

Profiles individual women, considering their roles, relationships, and lessons from their lives. Useful, up-to-date biblical scholarship for women, all Bible students, preachers, and teachers. Fresh insights into their historical/social settings make individual women come alive like never before. Contemporary, easy-to-follow format and writing style. Over 75 maps, charts, illustrations, and sidebars add important information and visual appeal.

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Enhanced Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon

Author: Brown, Francis; Driver, Samuel Rolles; Briggs, Charles Augustus
Publisher: Logos Research Systems, Inc.
Publication Date: 2001

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon is the standard reference work for serious Old Testament study. This lexicon (dictionary) provides not only the English equivalents for Hebrew words, but also relates various meanings to specific passages in the OT. The Logos electronic version of BDB is a very special product and unquestionably the most useful version of BDB ever released.

The text has been fully corrected and updated with all changes noted in the addenda et. corrigenda in the print edition. This book represents maximum complexity in minimum pages. The number of Bible links, cross references, popups and jumps far exceeds the average Bible reference book.

For the serious language scholar, the Logos edition of BDB provides "word linking" (from the actual Hebrew and Greek character set) to and from Hebrew and Greek texts and other lexicons. In addition, it provides comprehensive linking through Strong's Numbers, GK numbers and TWOT (Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament) references, thus making this work totally accessible to the English Bible student.

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Honor, Patronage, Kinship and Purity: Unlocking New Testament Culture

Author: David deSilva
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Publication Date: 2000

TContemporary Western readers may find it surprising that honor and shame, patronage and reciprocity, kinship and family, and purity and pollution offer us keys to interpreting the New Testament. In Honor, Patronage, Kinship and Purity, David deSilva demonstrates that paying attention to these cultural themes opens our eyes and ears to new discoveries and deeper understanding of the New Testament and its cultural context.

Through understanding of honor and shame in the Mediterranean world, new appreciation of the way in which the personhood of early Christians connected with group values can be gained. By examining the protocols of patronage and reciprocity, the meaning of God's grace can be more firmly grasped, and the believer’s response has fresh meaning. In exploring the ethos of kinship and household relations, the perspective on the early Christian communities that met in houses and functioned as a new family or "household" of God can be enlarged. And by investigating the notions of purity and pollution along with their associated practices, the Christian can come to realize how the ancient "map" of society and the world was revised by the power of the gospel.

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JPS Guide to Jewish Traditions

The JPS Guide to Jewish Traditions provides thousands of insights into the origins, history, and current interpretations of a wealth of Jewish traditions and customs. Ronald Eisenberg has distilled an immense amount of material from classic and contemporary sources into a single volume. Chock full of interesting, invaluable and illuminating entries on everything from Hanukkah to Rabbinic Literature to the Tree of Life, the JPS Guide to Jewish Traditions will be a much-referenced resource for all those interested in all things Jewish.

The Jewish Publication Society of America was founded in Philadelphia in 1888 to provide the children of Jewish immigrants to America with books about their heritage in the language of the New World. As the oldest publisher of Jewish titles in the English language, the mission of JPS is to enhance Jewish culture by promoting the dissemination of religious and secular works of exceptional quality, in the United States and abroad, to all individuals and institutions interested in past and contemporary Jewish life.

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