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Dead Sea Scrolls Series


The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition Vol. I: 1Q1-4Q273 - Vol. II: 4Q274-11Q31

The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition
Vol. I: 1Q1-4Q273 - Vol. II: 4Q274-11Q31
Edited by Florentino Garcia Martinez and Eibert J.C. Tigchelaar

The Dead Sea Scrolls Study Edition is a practical reference tool to facilitate access to the Qumran collection of the Dead Sea Scrolls. It contains newly edited Hebrew and Aramaic transcriptions and English translations of the non-biblical scrolls on facing pages, arranged by serial number from Cave 1 to Cave 11.

In addition, it offers a summary of the contents of the biblical scrolls from Qumran. Each Q-number is provided with a heading which contains the essential information on the text and selected bibliographical references. Although unidentified and unclassified fragments have been omitted, and no snippets of manuscripts have been reproduced, this edition aims to be complete for the non-biblical scrolls.


The work is primarily intended for classroom use and for use by specialists from other disciplines who need a reliable compendium to all the materials found. It is also useful as a companion for those studying the original manuscripts using the microfiche or CD-ROM editions of the scrolls.

'A remarkable achievement.'
ЧDead Sea Discoveries.

'After what seems like an eternity we can finally replace Lohse on our shelves.'
ЧJournal for the Study of the Old Testament.

'The authors are to be congratulated for producing a well-conceived and well-executed work that will be of immense practical value to students and scholars alike.'
ЧThe Catholic Biblical Quarterly.

'These volumes are clearly the standard for students, and they will also be extremely helpful for specialistsЕa welcome addition to the growing number of research tools on the texts from Qumran.'
ЧFred W. Burnett, Religious Studies Review, 2001.


Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts

The Dead Sea Scrolls are divided into two collections. The first collection is the biblical scrolls - pieces of books found in the Hebrew Bible. The second collection is called 'sectarian manuscripts', which is all of the non-biblical scrolls. This includes commentaries on scripture, common books that would have been considered canonical by the Qumran community, even though they aren't in the Hebrew canon today (such as the Book of Enoch), and religious documents that were specific to the Qumran sect, and probably weren't used elsewhere (such as the Rule of the Community).

Dr. Martin Abegg's database for the Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts provides nearly all of this second collection of texts (six hundred sixty seven manuscripts) in the original Hebrew and Aramaic. Each word in the database is given a tag for the dictionary form of that word, allowing users to execute a KeyLink look-up on the Dead Sea Scrolls to find the meaning in any Hebrew or Aramaic lexicon in the user's library. Because most of the Hebrew and Aramaic lexicons in Libronix Digital Library System are designed for use with the biblical texts, a special lexicon was also made from Dr. Abegg's database, providing short definitions for words that are found in the Dead Sea Scrolls but not found in the Hebrew Bible, or if found in the Hebrew Bible, are used in a different sense in the Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts.

The QSM database also tags each word with a morphology code to allow users to search by grammatical feature, or to help the reader interpret the form of a given word. The morphology tags follow the same format as the Westminster morphology of the Hebrew Bible, already available for Libronix DLS; users of the Hebrew Bible will appreciate the consistent interface for morphological searches.

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The Dead Sea Scrolls And Modern Translations Of Old Testament

Author: Scanlin, Harold P.
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Publication Date: c1993.

With all the recent news about the new publications of the Dead Sea Scrolls, thousands are aware of them but few know how these discoveries have impacted Bible translation. This book is unique because it provides complete information about all the biblical material in the Dead Sea Scrolls and what is truly significant about these ancient manuscripts.


The Dead Sea Scrolls Today - James C. Vanderkam

Author: VanderKam, James C.
Publisher: Eerdmans
Publication Date: 1994.

An eminent Dead Sea Scrolls researcher, James C. VanderKam offers a popular, up-to-date introduction to the scrolls and the ongoing debate that surrounds their study. Chapters cover all the major subjects of scroll inquiry: the discoveries of the manuscripts and nearby archaeological remains during the 1940s and 1950s and the methods used to date them, the content and character of the scrolls texts, the identity, history, and beliefs of the people who lived in Qumran and collected, wrote, and copied scrolls, and the importance of the scrolls to biblical studies.


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