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Which Bible Program Should I Use?

Whether you’re preparing a sermon, doing complex morphological analysis, or writing a seminary paper, scholars agree that BibleWorks is the best tool available. For close exegesis of the original text, BibleWorks is indispensable.

You’ll find everything you need in its 112 Bible translations in 30 languages, 14 original language texts with 18 morphology databases, 12 Greek lexicons and dictionaries, 5 Hebrew lexicons and dictionaries, plus 30 practical reference works! Instead of providing a loose collection of books, BibleWorks tightly integrates its databases with the most powerful morphology and analysis tools.

As you consider buying a high-end Bible research package, you’ll have to weigh cost, database quality, program features, searching capabilities, and customer support. In every one of these areas, we believe BibleWorks is the best. Buy the program, and you can decide for yourself.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to further the kingdom of God through the ministry of the Word; our commitment is to pastors, students, scholars, and missionaries. We want BibleWorks to be useful for you. We interact at every level with our users on a daily basis. Many of the features in BibleWorks are the direct result of user requests and suggestions. If you find something is missing, tell us. Our lead programmer spends several hours a week interacting with users-- something unheard of in the software industry. If you find a reproducible program bug or a database error, we will fix it and have an update on the Web in short order.

Is it Hard to Use?

BibleWorks comes with a highly-configurable user interface, designed to work the way you work. When you are researching a particular topic you normally progress from searching, to browsing, and, finally, to analysis of particular words. The interface is laid out in this order with minimal clutter so that your work flow is more natural and intuitive. The tabbed search interface lets you pursue several lines of investigation simultaneously, keeping multiple searches open at the same time.

Don’t worry if this kind of program is new to you. We’ve included task-oriented Study Guides with four hours of accompanying videos to help you get started with BibleWorks. The Study Guides teach by example, showing you how to use basic and advanced features of the program for everyday tasks. In addition, BibleWorks comes with a detailed on-line manual.

Read through the Bible... in less than a second.

From complex morphological searches through the original text, to simple word and phrase searches through your favorite translations, the BibleWorks search engine zips through the databases and shows you the results. Send eight grad students to their cubicles to find every occurrence of the Granville Sharp construction and you’ll have to wait a week before the results are in. Ask BibleWorks to do it for you and have the results in less than a minute. No program does complex queries faster than BibleWorks; it’s the fastest tool on the market.

Simple Searches

With BibleWorks, you can find it. Here are some examples of simple searches you can do with BibleWorks:

  • Find all verses containing the phrase hebphrase.jpg (11094 bytes)
  • Find all verses where the Greek NT uses in the imperative
  • Find all verses in which “faith” and “deed” or “deeds” appear within five verses of each other


Greek & Hebrew Texts, Bible Versions, & Lexicons

BibleWorks comes with standard Greek New Testament texts, LXX texts, and the Hebrew Old Testament text. In addition to the texts, four of the Greek New Testaments, the LXX, and the Hebrew OT also have their own morphology versions, where every word is parsed and lemmatized.

BibleWorks also has major Bible versions for 26+ modern languages, in addition to Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. Detailed study of the original texts is now possible for those who know English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Swedish, Czech, etc. Almost all major English versions are included in BibleWorks: KJV, ASV 1901, NKJV, NASB 1977, NASB 1995, NIV, RSV, NRSV, NLT, NJB, NAB, NET, CSB, and the ESV. All of these Bible versions are unlocked. In addition, you can now add your own Bible versions to BibleWorks. 

BibleWorks comes with lexicons and dictionaries for Greek (Louw-Nida, Thayer, Lust, Friberg, UBS, Liddell-Scott, etc.), and Hebrew lexicons (Holladay, unabridged BDB-Gesenius 1905, condensed Pierce-Strong's BDB-Gesenius, Whitaker's abridged BDB, the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament, etc.). In addition to these, you can also purchase the separate BDAG and HALOT modules!

It's important to keep your language skills sharp, so BibleWorks also includes several Greek and Hebrew grammars (Burton, Conybeare, Davis, Futato, MacDonald, etc.). Other optional modules (Wallace, Waltke, Moulton & Milligan, Weingreen, Zerwick, etc.) can be added. As you move the mouse over the text, you can quickly jump to all relevant sections in the BibleWorks collection of grammatical and lexical references.

Grammatical and morphological searches are a breeze!

If you don’t have much experience with computers, or your Greek and Hebrew are rusty, the BibleWorks Autocomplete Morphology feature makes it simple to build complex grammatical and morphological searches. The Autocomplete Morphology feature lets you click and select any morphology from a list that automatically opens up as you start typing in a morphology. You can specify part of speech, tense, voice, mood, gender, case, number, stem, aspect, etc. The beginning user can easily construct detailed and complex language queries. (Advanced users who have mastered the codes can quickly type in queries using a terse query language.)

Complex Searches

No artificial limits will impede your study and research when you search with BibleWorks. You can search for words, groups of words, phrases, parts of speech, tenses, etc. With the second-generation search engine, you can graphically construct complex queries. Put wildcards anywhere, search for articles and prepositions, and make the search condition as complex as possible. Look for repeated words in a string, specify agreement, exclude words, all in the same query! You can limit the search to an arbitrary collection of passages or books, or search the entire Bible. There’s no faster way to find these answers. Here are some examples of the more complex searches that are possible with BibleWorks:

  • Find within a context of ten words all instances of a dative or accusative participle not immediately preceded by an agreeing article, and followed by an agreeing article and noun, excluding cases where a word from a specified list intervenes.

  • Find all verses where the KJV uses “faith” and the Greek NT uses

When you’re done searching, BibleWorks gives you detailed statistics and lets you transfer texts, verses, parallel passages from different versions, entire Bibles, and lexicon entries to your favorite word processor. When you need a break, BibleWorks lets you store your lists of verses for another day.

Break the Language Barrier

Overcome the barrier between you and the original language texts. With the BibleWorks Word Analysis feature, seeing and parsing the underlying Greek or Hebrew words is as simple as waving the mouse pointer. As the mouse moves over any word in a BibleWorks tagged text, the Greek or Hebrew lexicon definition for the original text is shown at the bottom of the window along with the parsing. When the mouse hovers over a word in a tagged text, a Popup Gloss window gives you a brief definition and morphology for the word. In addition to these helps, the Resource Summary Window automatically lists all relevant entries from the various lexicons and resources for the verse and word under the mouse. As you move over the text, the window automatically shows the opening line for all relevant entries. The following Bible versions are tagged: the Greek NT, the LXX, the Hebrew OT, the KJV, and the NAS, as well as some of the other English, German, French, Dutch, and Russian versions. Additional texts such as Josephus, Philo, and the Apostolic Fathers are tagged also.

Any Parallel Bible

If you like working with parallel columns, simply click on the translations you want to see. The Parallel Versions window puts the Bibles in parallel columns where you can scroll the columns in sync, or independently. BibleWorks lets you save all of your favorite parallel versions configurations in a convenient menu so that you can easily pull up your “NKJV-Greek NT-NRSV” or “NAS-Lutherbibel-BHS Hebrew-LXX” parallel window with just a click of the mouse. You get Word Analysis here, too, as well as tight links to the lexicons and dictionaries.


In the Browse Window, the Bible versions you are studying are shown in a single window with the passage from each text. This is the basic work-horse window of BibleWorks.

Write a Commentary (While Keeping Your Desk Clean)

Get rid of all those lexicons, dictionaries, concordances, and scribbled notes that clutter up your desk when you’re buried deep in textual study. In all of these windows, you can click, or just point to any word and get the information you need (concordance, lexicon, Bible dictionary, etc.). You can also attach notes (with Greek and Hebrew!) to verses and have them automatically display when the verse is opened. BibleWorks works smoothly with other programs, making it simple to transfer texts to your favorite word processor.

Arrange the Furniture

BibleWorks accommodates users who spend significant amounts of time with the program. In response to the variety of user suggestions, window sizes, window placement, output format, abbreviations, and font sizes can all be customized. In addition, many requests for mouse and keyboard short-cuts have been put into the program. Fewer clicks save wrists!

Type in Greek and Hebrew

BibleWorks comes with TrueType and Unicode fonts for accented Greek and pointed Hebrew. The fonts can be used in Windows word processors and print beautifully. With the built-in editor, you can also take notes in English, Greek, and right-to-left Hebrew. The samples below use the BibleWorks Greek and Hebrew fonts.

In addition, BibleWorks supports Unicode fonts, so you can easily export text to the font of your choice.

CD Contents
Items in blue are new to Version 7.

Original Language Texts


  • BHS Hebrew Text, Fourth Corrected Edition, with full accenting & full vowel pointing
  • Groves-Wheeler Westminster Hebrew Old Testament Morphology database, version 4.4
  • Hebrew Accent Extensions to WTM
  • Transliterated BHS Hebrew Old Testament
  • Salkinson-Ginsburg Hebrew New Testament
  • The Aramaic New Testament (Peshitta) with morphology, with the James Murdock English translation
  • Peshitta, with Syriac and Hebrew letters
  • Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts with morphology (locked)
  • The Targumim, parsed, lemmatized and tied to entries in the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon
  • Targum Cairo Geniza with morphology
  • FragTargums with morphology, TgSheniSuppEsther with morphology, TgTosefProphets with morphology
  • Targum Neofiti with morphology
  • Targum NeofMarginalia with morphology
  • Targum PseudoJonathan with morphology
  • Targumim (Mostly Onkelos and Jonathan) with morphology (updated 2005)


  • Nestle-Aland 27th Edition/UBS Fourth Edition Greek New Testament
  • Rahlfs’ Septuagint, with Apocrypha & variants
  • Robinson-Pierpont Greek New Testament (Byzantine Textform 2005) with Morphological Analysis
  • Scrivener’s Greek New Testament (Textus Receptus), with Morphological Analysis
  • Stephanus Greek New Testament (Textus Receptus), with Morphological Analysis
  • Westcott and Hort Greek New Testament, with Morphological Analysis
  • Tischendorf Greek New Testament, with Critical Apparatus
  • Aletti/Gieniusz/Bushell Morphologically Analyzed Greek New Testament
  • Aletti/Gieniusz/Bushell/CATSS Morphologically Analyzed Septuagint
  • Friberg’s 1999 Morphologically Analyzed Greek New Testament
  • Greek Orthodox Church NT
  • Metaglottisis Greek New Testament (2004)
  • Modern Greek Bible
  • Apostolic Fathers English translation
  • Apostolic Fathers (Greek with Morphological tags by Gieniusz/Bushell)
  • Apostolic Fathers Latin
  • Complete Works of Flavius Josephus, parsed and lemmatized, with the 1828 Whiston English translation
  • Works of Josephus Latin
  • Works of Philo (Greek Text & Morphology with English translation)

Bible Versions


  • American Standard Version (1901)
  • The Bible in Basic English (1949/64)
  • Complete Jewish Bible (1998)
  • Holman Christian Standard Bible (2004)
  • The Darby Bible (1884/1890)
  • The Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition
  • English Revised Version (1885)
  • The English Standard Version (2001)
  • Geneva Bible (1599)
  • God's Word to the Nations Version
  • Jewish Publication Society OT (1917)
  • King James Apocrypha (1611)
  • King James (1611) with Strong's numbers and Geneva Bible notes
  • King James (1611/1769) with Codes
  • Brenton’s Septuagint English Translation, without Deutero-canonical section
  • Peshitta-James Murdock Translation (1852)
  • The New American Bible
  • New American Standard Bible (1977) with Codes
  • New American Standard Bible (1995) with Codes
  • The New English Translation, First Edition (2005)
  • New International Version (UK)
  • New International Version (1984) (US)
  • The New Jerusalem Bible
  • New King James Version (1982)
  • New Living Translation (2005)
  • New Revised Standard Version (1989)
  • Bishops' New Testament (1595)
  • Revised Standard Version (1952)
  • Revised Webster Update (1995) with Codes
  • Jewish Publication Society Tanakh (1985)
  • Tyndale New Testament (1534)
  • The Webster Bible (1833)
  • Young's Literal Translation (1862/1898)


  • Latin Vulgate (Weber Edition)
  • Online Bible Vulgate Mapped to KJV


  • Einheitsьbersetzung (1980)
  • Revidierte Elberfelder (1993)
  • Unrevidierte Elberfelder (1905)
  • Luther 1545 German Bible
  • Luther Bibel (1912) with Codes
  • Revidierte Lutherbibel (1984)
  • Mьnchener NT (1998) with Codes
  • German Schlachter Version (1951)
  • Die Bibel (German Herder Translation)


  • Bible Afrikaans (1953)
  • Leidse Vertaling (1912/1994)
  • Lutherse Vertaling (1750/1933/1994)
  • The Netherlands Bible Society (1951)
  • Statenvertaling (1637) with Codes
  • Willibrordvertaling Version 1978
  • Willibrordvertaling Version 1995


  • Castilian (Spanish) Bible Version
  • La Biblia de Las Americas (1986)
  • Spanish NVI Translation
  • Spanish Reina-Valera Revised (1960)
  • Spanish Reina-Valera Update (1995)
  • Reina-Valera Actualizada (1989)
  • Reina-Valera (1909)


  • French Bible en franзais courant (1997)
  • Haitian Creole Bible
  • French Version Darby (1885)
  • French Bible Jerusalem
  • French Louis Segond (1910) with Codes
  • Nouvelle Edition Geneve (1979) with Codes
  • French Traduction Oecumйnique de la Bible (1988)


  • Russian Synodal Text of the Bible with Codes
  • Ukrainian


  • San Paolo Edizione (1995)
  • La Nuova Diodati (1991)
  • La Sacra Biblia Nuova Riveduta (1994)


  • De Hellige
  • Skrifter 1931
  • Wierшd Danish New Testament  (1992)


  • Raamattu, 1933/1938 kддnnцs


  • Kбroli (1993)


  • Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari
  • Terjemahan Baru


  • Portuguese Corrigida Fiel, 1753/1995
  • Portuguese Almeida Revista e Atualizada (1993)
  • Portuguese Almeida Revista e Corrigida (1969)
  • Portuguese Almeida Biblia (1994)
  • Portuguese Modern Language Translation (2005)


  • Swahili New Testament


  • Vietnamese


  • Albanian (1994)


  • Catalan BCI Version


  • 1930 Bokmеl (1930)
  • 1938 Nynorsk (1938)
  • Norwegian Norsk Bibel Konkordant (1988)
  • Norsk Bibel Nynorsk (1994)


  • Polish Biblia Gdanska (1632)
  • Polish Biblia Tysiaclecia. Wydanie 4. (1965/84)


  • Bible Kralicka (1613)
  • Cesky Ekumenicky preklad (1985)
  • Preklad KMS (1994)
  • Nova Bible Kralicka (1998)
  • Slovo na cestu (2000)


  • Bulgarian Protestant Bible (1940, 1995,2005)
  • Bulgarian Bible (1938)


  • Cornilescu Bible


  • Svдtй Pнsmo (Slovak Version, 1995)


  • Swedish 1917

Lexical-Grammatical References

  • A Concise Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament: Based on the Lexical Work of Ludwig Koehler and Walter Baumgartner (Holladay)
  • A Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint, Volumes 1 & 2 (Lust, Eynikel & Hauspie, with Chamberlain)
  • Abridged (Strong's) BDB Hebrew Lexicon
  • Abridged Brown-Driver-Briggs-Gesenius Hebrew-English/-French/-Russian Lexicons
  • Abridged Thayer's Greek Lexicon
  • Basic Hebrew for Bible Study (Futato)
  • Bauer, Danker, Arndt & Gingrich Greek Lexicon (locked)
  • Beginner’s Grammar of the Greek New Testament (Davis)
  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew (full text), by Mark Futato (locked)
  • Brown-Driver-Briggs-Gesenius Hebrew-English Lexicon, 1905 (unabridged)
  • CATSS/Tov Hebrew-Greek Parallel Aligned Text
  • Friberg’s Analytical Lexicon of the Greek New Testament, Complete 2000 edition
  • Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar
  • Grammar of Septuagint Greek (Conybeare & Stock)
  • Greek and Hebrew paradigm charts (revised)
  • Greek Enchiridion: A Concise Handbook of Grammar and Exegesis (MacDonald)
  • Greek Grammar beyond the Basics, by Daniel Wallace (locked)
  • Greek Grammar Handbook (MacDonald)
  • Greek New Testament Diagrams (Leedy)
  • Greek NT Vocabulary Sound Files (Schwandt)
  • Hebrew Vocabulary Sound Files (Verbruggen)
  • Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax, by Waltke and O'Connor (locked)
  • Koehler-Baumgartner Hebrew Lexicon (locked)
  • Liddell-Scott Greek Lexicon, Abridged
  • Louw-Nida Greek New Testament Lexicon based on Semantic Domains, Second Edition
  • Moods and Tenses of New Testament Greek (Burton)
  • Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament (Archer & Chirichigno)
  • The Shorter Lexicon of the Greek New Testament, Revised Edition (Gingrich/Danker)
  • TEXTKRITIK des Neuen Testaments (Gregory)
  • Textual Commentary on the Greek NT (Metzger)
  • Thayer Greek Lexicon (unabridged)
  • The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (Harris, Archer & Waltke)
  • UBS Greek-English Concise Dictionary of the New Testament (Barclay & Newman)
  • Wigram’s Tense, Voice, Mood codes for some English, German, Dutch, French and Russian Bibles

Reference Works

  • A.T. Robertson’s Word Pictures in the Greek New Testament
  • Timelines: Biblical, Church, and Secular History
  • Easton's Bible Dictionary
  • Fausset Bible Dictionary
  • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)
  • Matthew Henry's Commentary
  • Metzger's Bible Outline
  • Nave's Topical Index
  • Synopsis of the Gospels (editable)
  • The Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge
  • Westminster Confessional Standards

Essential Modules

The resources below can be unlocked for an additional fee.

  • A Greek-English Lexicon, 9th Revised Edition (Liddell, Scott, Jones & McKenzie)
  • A Primer of Biblical Greek (Croy)
  • An Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Waltke & O’Connor)
  • Biblical Greek (Zerwick)
  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew (Futato)
  • CNTTS Critical Apparatus
  • Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament (Balz & Schneider)
  • Grammar of Palestinian Jewish Aramaic (Stevenson)
  • Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament (Wallace)
  • Greek Grammar of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature (Blass, Debrunner & Funk)
  • Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, 3rd Edition (Bauer, Danker, Arndt & Gingrich)
  • Grieschisch-deutsches Taschenwцrterbuch zum Neuen Testament, 8th Edition (Preuschen)
  • New Testament Greek Manuscripts (Swanson)
  • Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew (Weingreen)
  • Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts
  • The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament (Koehler, Baumgartner & Stamm)
  • The Text of the Earliest New Testament Greek Manuscripts (Comfort & Barrett)
  • Theological Dictionary of the New Testament, Abridged (Kittel, Friedrich & Bromiley)
  • Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament (Moulton & Milligan)

Program Features

  • A wide range of Greek and Hebrew fonts are provided, both Unicode and non-Unicode.
  • Analysis window shows related lexical and grammatical references for a word or verse as the cursor moves over text.
  • Bible texts, dictionaries and lexicons are fully searchable, with many search options.
  • Comparison tools highlight differences between Bible versions.
  • Complete lemmatization and parsing is provided for Greek New Testament, Septuagint and Hebrew Old Testament.
  • Completely rewritten editor supports Unicode and has a wide range of new editing features.
  • Custom lexicons can be created, based on words in a particular passage.
  • Diagramming module enables users to construct diagrams of any text.
  • “Drag & Drop” is supported between BibleWorks and many word processors.
  • Editable timelines of church and secular history provide a historical perspective.
  • Front matter now provided in all lexicons and reference works.
  • Hebrew and Greek vocabulary flashcards are available in print, electronic and audio formats.
  • Highlighted text and search results can be saved in multiple sets.
  • Key Word in Context (KWIC) / Collocation Table Module finds recurring word usage patterns.
  • Link manager handles your own links to Internet resources and other Bible software.
  • Main window interface is highly configurable and now follows natural workflow.
  • Mouse pop-ups show verse text for each resource.
  • Multiple copies of BibleWorks may be opened for convenience.
  • Multiple views show Bible versions in parallel columns, vertical comparative lines or full context.
  • Parallel-Aligned Hebrew and Greek text makes it easy to find Hebrew and Greek equivalents.
  • Parsing, lexical information and cross-references are displayed when cursor moves over tagged Bible text.
  • Popup list of morphology codes opens as you enter morphological codes.
  • Popup window, with word definition and parsing, is displayed when mouse is held over Greek and Hebrew words.
  • Report generator compiles and prints lexical information, morphological analysis, multiple Bible versions, word frequencies and more.
  • Satellite maps can be customized with locations, sites and other notes.
  • Search queries and results can be saved and reused.
  • Searches can be very broad or limited to selected verses or books.
  • Sets of favorite Bible versions can be created, saved and searched.
  • Statistics utility allows you to plot, compare and export graphs of search results.
  • Synopsis window shows editable parallel gospel accounts.
  • Task-oriented study guides with 4 hours of videos explain how to use BibleWorks to perform common  tasks, like writing exegetical papers, searching Hebrew and Greek text and much more.
  • Text can be exported to Unicode Hebrew and Greek.
  • Verses, chapters, books or entire Bible versions can be exported to ASCII text, RTF and CCAT formats.
  • Word list utility can generate word frequency lists for any range of verses.
  • Your own chapter or verse notes load automatically each time you view a verse.
  • Your own Bible versions can be created, saved, searched and integrated into BibleWorks.


Стоимость полного комплекта (6 CD-ROM's): 35 у.е.

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