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Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible (4 vols)

Evangelicalism's most eminent scholars have labored to make the Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible a comprehensive and reliable tool for all who study Scripture.

The electronic edition of this encyclopedia set gives you instant access to clear, well-written articles on important biblical figures, places, events, and topics. The hyperlinked table of contents and full-text search capability of Libronix DLS gets you there faster, while unique features such as the topic browser and reference browser enable you to find additional information tucked away in articles you wouldn't have thought to consult.

Additional Details

General Editor: Walter A. Elwell
Associate Editors: Peter C. Craigie, J.D. Douglas, Robert Guelich, R.K. Harrison, Thomas E. McComiskey

"To many people the Bible is just too hard to understand," writes general editor Walter Elwell. "This Bible encyclopedia is an attempt to solve that problem. It is designed to be a bridge between the past and the present, a mine, a source of information about those days long past that opens them up to us. It is not meant to replace the Bible; far from it. It is meant to be read alongside the Bible to clarify and illuminate the text of Scripture for the modern reader, so that its truths can be assimiliated by the people of today."

The encyclopedia contains more than 5,700 articles by over 175 leading evangelical scholars from North America and around the world, including Colin Brown, Frederic Bush, Andrew Hill, Howard Marshall, Grant Osborne, Moises Silva, Willem Van Gemeren, Gordan Wenham, Edwin Yamauchi, and Robert Yarbrough.

The Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible provides pastors and laypeople with clear, accurate, and useful articles covering archaeology, history, chronology, social customs, persons, places, religious practices, biblical theology, current scholarly methods and opinions, and each book of the Bible.

Among the features in this reference work are select biographies, an extensive system of cross-references, more than thirty general articles treating cultural aspects of Bible times, over 600 photos, maps, and illustrations, and an easy-to-read style that is accessible to pastors and laypeople alike.

About the General Editor

Walter A. Elwell (Ph.D., University of Edinburgh) is professor of biblical and theological studies at Wheaton College Graduate School. With eight reference books to his credit, he is a leading editor of biblical and theological reference works.

Praise for the Print Edition

"If you are looking for a comprehensive, thoroughly reliable, and up-to-date Bible encyclopedia to use as a foundation for a good resource library, look no further. The …Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible fill[s] the bill perfectly."
  William D. Buursma, The Banner

"[The Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible] is both high-quality and innovative, moderately meaty in content, yet eminently readable and usable from a stylistic standpoint. BEB is deserving of a spot on the bookshelf of many exegetes and expositors (preferebly a high-traffic spot).
  A. Boyd Luter, Jr., Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

"Though based on the latest quality evangelical scholarship, the work is primarily intended for the use of the average evangelical layperson; for such persons, the work will be a precious addition to the tools available for understanding and comprehending the Bible."
  ADRIS Newsletter

"The [Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible] should prove to be a helpful reference work for popular audiences. Its clear organization and attention to biblical theology will make it especially useful for pastors and teachers."
  Gary N. Knoppers, Calvin Theological Journal

"The primary intent of the [Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible] is simplicity and clarity combined with scholarly accuracy. In this, it succeeds admirably."
  Jon Paulien, Andrews University Seminary Studies

Page Scans

Scanned pages from the print edition of Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible. (Click each thumbnail to see a fullsize version.)


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